[Game Update] - 457903

Release Date: 03/26/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey all,

Today's update adds the Interplanetary Launcher to the game! This building provides a constant-throughput method of transferring resources between your planets. Give it a try!

There's also a number of other bug fixes, thanks so much for your bug reports.

You might notice the plant mutations we mentioned still aren't in testing. As we're getting close to the next update and mutations are a relatively heavy feature, we wanted to give them some more time so they won't make an appearance just yet and will instead go to testing for the following update.


  • Added Interplanetary Launcher to send resources between asteroids
  • Rearranged the tech tree to move Conveyor Rails earlier.
  • Added Orbital Research Center sounds. Seriously, give them a listen.
  • Duplicants faces are more reliably changed when they are sick, sunburnt, etc.
  • Refined descriptions of Magma biome and some buildings
  • Bristleberries now require a minimum of 200 lux (which should leave all existing lighting scenarios unchanged
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation


  • Fix more cases of radiation-face in the UI.
  • Duplicants no longer have an extra hat when sleeping
  • Fix crash when a Duplicant is destroyed
  • Crops that produce non-food harvests no longer list kcal in their tooltips.
  • Gas Grass now lists its light requirements in the planter box screen.
  • Duplicants carying an Interplanetary Payload no longer pick up the dirt with it
  • Interplanetary Payloads now appear in front of buildings.


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