[Game Update] - 457338

Release Date: 03/23/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Heyo everyone, we've just pushed another hotfix to the Testing branch!


  • Beeta Hives no longer drown to death or die when unsupported. Instead, they go into a "disabled" state until the issue is resolved.
  • Beeta Hives no longer emit radiation when they are not digesting ore.
  • Added Uranium Ore ambience sounds.
  • Research Reactor only samples cells near the top of the building for gas venting. It will vent to any non-solid and under pressure cell available in the sampled space.
  • Research Reactor tile max venting pressure increased to 150kg.
  • Lead Suit Locker: add charging sound effects.
  • Radbolt Engine art complete including new launch animation


  • Fixed rockets losing all fuel on landing
  • Update Radbolt Engine's fuel tank bar when receiving new radbolts.
  • Fixed Duplicants becoming stuck while trying to enter rockets interiors
  • Removed hidden cargo module output ports

Known Issues

  • Duplicants have "radiation face" in most of the UI


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