[Game Update] - 453479

Release Date: 02/26/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends! A small patch before the weekend with some fixes to Duplicant radiation exposure.


  • Added "Radiation Balance" line item to Duplicant's condition panel
  • Cosmic Radiation now falls off on a curve instead of linearly.
    • Constructed tiles are now effective shielding from cosmic radiation
    • Note: Radiation shielding is not fully implemented for all sources of radiation yet.
  • Renamed nuclear reactor to Research Reactor
  • Minor HEP art revision¬†
  • Art revisions to Research Reactor meltdown and dead animations
  • Improved descriptions on Atomic Collider and Research Reactor


  • Fixed issue preventing Duplicants from recovering from radiation exposure at the proper rate
  • Remove Unity splash screen
  • Fixed issue with placer art on Uranium Centrifuge
  • Fixed a bug that caused sidescreen titles to not update if you clicked from one building with a sidescreen to another
  • Removed "(Original)" suffix from plants
  • Hooked up correct Lead artwork

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