[Game Update] - 452481

Release Date: 02/19/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends!

Here's some fixes we wanted to get to you before the weekend, enjoy and stay safe!


  • Hooked up codex icons for aquatic and moo biomes.
  • Move the Small Oxidizer Tank to the same tech as the Sucrose Engine since they're necessary for each other.
  • Add the Large Oxidizer Tank and Scanner Module to the tech tree.
  • Added a tooltip variation to the Fueled item in the launch checklist.
  • Improved “All crew boarded” condition tooltip.


  • Duplicants can now deliver resources to the Large Oxidizer Module
  • Rockets would sometimes not notice they were ready (animations, button, etc) if the checklist was completed in a certain order.
  • Under-construction rocket modules no longer appear to be constructed before they're finished.
  • Crew are once again allowed to leave a rocket once it has landed (if the crew access is set to "All").
  • Fixed rogue question marks on the starmap, as well as "landed" rockets appearing over planets.
  • Fixed some worldgen failures related to the Water Moonlet.
  • Fixed launch issue caused by having a warning state in “All crew boarded” condition.


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