[Game Update] - 452034

Release Date: 02/16/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hello friends!

The features currently on the Spaced Out testing branch will flip over to the default version of Spaced Out tomorrow.

Today's patch introduces the Scanner Module, which allows a rocket to fly into the darkness of space and look for new planetoids! This brings with it some changes to the way space is revealed. Now, whenever a telescope or scanner module uncovers a tile on the cluster map, nearby tiles become "partially discovered", offering hints as to the location of nearby planetoids. Between the new module and the partial uncovering, it should be possible to locate and reach every planet in the cluster. Let us know how it works out for you!


  • Revealing tiles on the cluster map "peeks at" other nearby tiles, giving hints as to where other planets might be.
  • Added a new "Scanner Module" that will allow rockets to explore unexplored space and reveal tiles as they go


  • Sap Tree art pass
  • Hooked up the Moo Moonlet starmap icon


  • Can no longer attack the Sap Tree
  • Telescope icon on the clustermap is now more consistent
  • Sap Tree now has its own strings and proper information in the info panel
  • Worldgen: Niobium Volcano is now guaranteed to spawn
  • Worldgen: Fixed a number of worldgen failures due to guaranteed geysers not spawning


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