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[Game Update] - 450996

Release Date: 02/09/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey friends!

Today's Testing Branch patch is mostly bugfixes, though we now have the Hydrogen Engine back in the game!

I'd also like to add a note about a fix that went on to the Testing Branch last week: "Fixed an issue where sometimes a geyser's output would transition the wrong element, which made it appear as if a different element was being emitted". The bug caused elements to state transition using the wrong material properties. In the geyser case that meant steam would cool into methane. In more "normal" cases, it could cause an element to transition based on the wrong state (transition happens on wrong frame) or to transition using incorrect thermal properties (energy created or destroyed). In most cases this shouldn't matter and in fact it's not noticeable during normal play, but scenarios where there are lots of rapid state transitions will behave considerably differently now. One such example is compact steam turbine setups, which may exhibit much different levels of efficiency than before and require tweaking.


  • Suit Durability is now a custom game setting
  • Added Spaced Out! versions of the Hydrogen Engine and Liquid Oxidizer Tank
  • Added CryoFuel Propulsion tech to the Research Screen


  • Updated strings
  • Worlds are listed in the order they are discovered. Does not apply to worlds already discovered worlds in existing saves
  • Launch button and destination select are now on the Spacefarer Module, not the Basic Nosecone


  • Border temperature related crash during starting a new game
  • Fixed loading some saves which have missing cluster information
  • Fixed crash loading some old saves prior to moving the worldgen files around
  • Fixed animations on the Destination Select Screen
  • Fixed replacing a Spacefarer Module with a Solo Spacefarer Nosecone showing excess backwall
  • Fixed sounds for base game Rocket Engines in Spaced Out!
  • Power sources no longer complain about missing consumers if there is a battery or transformer on the network
  • Battery Module's meter now follows it when the rocket is rearranged or launched


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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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