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[Game Update] - 581979

Release Date: 11/16/23

Update Information:


Hey friends,  

Welcome to the Packed Snacks Update! 

This is ONI's 50th update—we can hardly believe it! Whether you've been choking down mush bars with us since the first one or joined in somewhere along the way, thank you for being here. 

We're celebrating with a new germ-themed story trait, new buildings for storage, food preservation and critter happiness, a sandbox story trait placement tool, expanded critter moods and new cosmetic skins (aka blueprints). These can all be used in both the base game and Spaced Out! DLC. 

We also fixed some bugs, and made a new ONI short! Check that out here.

Grow A Bot 
An abandoned lab full of decommissioned machinery offers an unexpected new use for Zombie Spores that really puts the "ew" in "renewable energy." Once the musty old equipment is up and running again, the colony can use it to build and grow the necessary components for a mechanical alternative to Duplicant labor. That means fewer Duplicants being sent into hazardous work environments!

Food Dehydrator and Rehydrator
The new Dehydrator building is designed to drain all of the moisture out of foods prepared on the Gas Range. Dried foods aren't edible, but they are conveniently non-perishable and don't need to be refrigerated.

When it's time to eat, just send the dried food through the new Rehydrator building to restore its original texture...and most of its flavor.

Creature Comforts
Critter moods have been revised and expanded. The new Miserable state is for extra-glum critters, and results in Glum levels of metabolism plus zero egg-laying. Critters who are not Happy, Glum or Miserable will feel Satisfied—these will have default metabolism and fertility. 
Only Happy critters get a fertility boost. 

We've also added new Critter Condo and Water Fort buildings to boost critter happiness, and worked on some long-overdue bug fixes and changes to Pacus that might affect existing ranches. 

Other Cool Stuff 

  • New design for messages on the Main Menu screen.
  • Nearly 50 new blueprints added to the Supply Closet. 
  • New Storage Tile.
  • New sandbox tool for adding story traits to existing saves.
  • Added a Rocket Port Extension for Spaced Out! DLC.
  • Added a search function to more sidescreens.

A new story trait! A new sandbox story trait placement tool! New blueprints! More nuanced Critter moods! New critter buildings! A new Storage Tile! And so much more. 

If your mods are breaking or you need a little extra time before switching over, you can opt in to the temporary, unsupported Previous Update branch.

Fifty updates later, and we're still loving every moment of this astronomical adventure. 

If you have bug reports or feedback, let us know! We're so glad you're on this ride with us—the ONI universe wouldn't be the same without you. 

Full patch notes below.



  • All versions
    • Added Dehydrator and Rehydrator buildings.
    • Added Storage Tile building.
    • Added Biobot Builder Story Trait.
    • Added a Story Trait Sandbox tool which lets you add story traits to existing saves.
    • Added Critter Condo building.
    • Added Water Fort building for aquatic critters.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Added Rocket Port Extension building.

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Added an automation port to suit checkpoint buildings to disable them.
    • Many solid storage buildings can now also store Medicines.
    • Refrigerators will no longer drop non-food items when Spiced Food Only is selected.
    • Critters
      • Critters now have 4 states of happiness instead of 2.
      • Happy (4+) - Increased reproduction.
      • Satisfied (0 to 3) - No effect.
      • Glum (-1 to -9) - Decreased metabolism.
      • Miserable (-10 or lower) - Decreased metabolism (same as Glum) and reproduction is stopped.
    • Renamed Hungry status item to “Looking for Food.”
    • Renamed Overcrowded status item to "Crowded."
    • Crowded penalty is now -1 happiness per excess critter, instead of the first excess critter contributing -4 and each additional excess critter contributing -1.
    • Pacus’ happiness bonus from 'Recently ate from feeder' increased from +2 to +5. 
    • Pacus’ diet has changed to 1 seed or 7.5kg algae per cycle.
    • Added Critter Metabolism to the Conditions panel of the sidescreen. The presentation of Critter Metabolism was adjusted to start at 100% instead of 0%.
    • Pacus now only check surrounding liquid volume to determine if they are confined.
    • Pacus flopping outside of sufficient liquid are now considered confined.
    • Fixed issue where the penalty for Pacus being crowded was not calculated correctly.
    • Pacus are no longer considered confined when positioned in open doors that are submerged in liquid. Other critters are still confined in this situation.
    • Added more animations to the Molecular Forge when a Duplicant is operating it.
    • Added sound to Light Sensor.
    • Added 100 and 1000 cycle milestone celebrations.
    • Added search function to more sidescreens.
    • Changed tooltip for Stable in the Room overlay to specify which ranching buildings fulfill that room's requirement. 
    • Optimized rendering name labels, thought bubbles, and progress bars.
    • Removed left edge idle notification. The right edge idle diagnostic now defaults to the “Alert Only" setting.
    • Multiple status items that share the same icon will now only show one icon. 
    • Updated message of the day in the main menu.
    • Database
      • Food entries in the database now show associated recipes.
      • Added a Category entry in the Buildings section of the database, containing information about room requirement classes.
      • Updated "Overcrowded" to "Crowded" in the Field Guide. Also added Satisfied and Miserable moods.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Changed how rockets check for a clear path to space when launching, to be consistent with how they check when landing. It now checks the widest module.
    • Duplicants deployed to an asteroid from a Trailblazer Module are no longer automatically removed from the crew. Instead, they are removed automatically if the rocket lands on a different asteroid.
    • Added new ambiences to rocket interiors.
    • Added rocket launch condition warning when a Drillcone is installed without a cargo bay. 
    • Rovers are now listed on the Errands tab.
    • Added idle diagnostic option to rocket interiors, which defaults to Never displayed.


  • All versions
    • Potential fix for ranchers getting stuck calling critters for grooming.
    • Fixed Spice Grinder getting stuck when the room space changes.
    • Fixed two of the same food with different spices being merged into one item.
    • Fixed Pokeshell missing a claw when eating.
    • Fixed a bug where carried or stored items where not showing up in the details screen
    • Fixed items being moved using Move To not displaying on the destination when being carried by a Duplicant.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to store objects marked for move
    • Fixed crash opening Decor overlay when the “Handy Cracker” blueprint is built.
    • Fixed broken database links for Liquid Oxidizer Tank, Hydrogen Engine, Fish Trap, and Meteor Blaster.
    • Fixed typo in Rust Deoxidizer description that incorrectly listed Liquid Chlorine as an output instead of Chlorine Gas. 
    • Fixed Plant Pulverizer's Nosh Bean recipe description to say Nosh Bean instead of Pincha Peppernut.
    • Fixed spacing in Delecta Vole temperature strings.
    • Fixed issue causing element filter screen checkboxes to inconsistently respond to clicks.
    • Fixed issue preventing Critter Feeder UI checkboxes from correctly handling menu items shared by multiple critters.
    • Kiln now has a progress bar.
    • Fixed a bug where solid elements inside an open door were not able to be mined by a Robo-Miner.
  • Base game only
    • Fixed incorrect description of Virtual Planetarium.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Range visualizer added to rocket modules to show if the rocket has a clear path to space.
    • Fixed crashes related to building a Rocket Platform directly above another rocket.
    • Fixed cargo bays from other rockets being visible in the details panel when selecting a rocket with no cargo bays.
    • Fixed issue where Duplicants would sometimes not be able to enter rockets if the rocket made a roundtrip to orbit.
    • Fixed some of the crashes that could occur when Duplicants end up outside of world boundaries. Added the "Unknown" world row to the UI management table screens.
    • Fixed broken database link for Mission Control Station.


  • Updated logic network signal change events to consider a third state (Uninitialized) and indicate which state a change is from as well as to.

Supply Closet

  • It is no longer possible to use Filament to print additional copies of blueprints you already own.
  • Renamed “Basic” skin categories to “Standard” in Supply Closet.
  • Added animation fx when a Duplicant changes their current Blueprint outfit.
  • Slight changes to text formatting on Print/Recycle buttons.
  • Small changes to Supply Closet layout.
  • Added new cosmetic skins.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the description text for Slouchy Grape Socks. 

Changes since the last public testing update


Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Reverted changes to meter valves in this update.
    • Added sound for Biobot.
    • Update Biobot related artwork to final version
    • Updated Rehydrator artwork and Duplicant interact animation.
    • Updated metabolism details screen condition icon.
    • Updated message of the day in the main menu.


  • All versions
    • Optimized Critter Condo performance.
    • Fixed issue in sandbox tool spawner placement of plants and critters.
    • Dried food no longer rots.
    • Dehydrator now transfers any disease from stored contents to rehydrated food.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a Duplicant to get stuck when interrupted while using the Rehydrator.
    • Restored contents of empty dehydrated food packages who's package rotted are now updated for proper pickup settings if spawned within the rehydrator.

Changes in hotfix 581979



  • All versions
    • Fixed overcrowding penalty calculations when Pacus are swimming in an open door.
    • Minor animation adjustments in Biobot Maker and Biobot.
    • Fixed Pokeshell missing a claw when eating.
    • Improvements to Database entries relating to building categories.
    • Added info to the Metabolism tooltip to specify that it also affects the production of materials.
    • Updated localization.
    • Fixed issue causing an empty patch notes screen to display the first time the game was run.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed issue causing unexpected output from Rocket Platform automation output.





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