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[Game Update] - 549456

Release Date: 03/23/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Spaced Out! only
    • Added a variety of meteor showers to different asteroids. Shower frequency and intensity differ from base game versions. These changes will not affect existing saves.
      • Affected asteroids include:
        • Classic Style inner asteroids.
        • Spaced Out Style inner asteroids except for starting asteroids.
        • Moonlet cluster inner asteroids (including starting asteroids) except for the Flipped Asteroid.
        • Marshy Asteroid.
      • New meteor shower types found on certain asteroids
        • Oxylite Meteor Shower
        • Muck Meteor Shower
        • Bleach Stone Meteor Shower
        • Uranium Meteor Shower

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Updated Chinese localizations
    • Moved Blastshot Maker out of Rocketry category and into Stations.
    • Meteor Blaster
      • Meteor Blaster can no longer target meteors blocked by solid tiles.
      • Added range visualization.
      • Adjusted spent shell mass and temperature.
      • Updated projectile fx.
      • Meteor Blaster animation adjustments.
      • Added more sound to Meteor Blaster building and Blastshot explosion.
      • Improve no surface sight for Meteor Blaster and added a partially blocked status.
      • Added a storage meter.
    • Blueprints (cosmetic skins)
      • Updated open blueprint drop screen buttons and icons.
      • Added "All available blueprints claimed" state to the blueprint drop screen.
    • Ancient Specimen Story Trait
      • Excavating Ancient Specimen now appears in the sidescreen quest objective list UI.
      • Frozen/Amber/Petrified Fossils
        • Updated art.
        • Fossils now display quest information when selected
        • Fossils are no longer destroyed when excavated. 
        • Fossils are now demolishable after the story trait is complete.
        • Fossils now provide increased decor after being excavated.
      • Added entombed status item to entombed Fossil Fragments marked for digging.
      • Clicking a link in the quest sidescreen now selects the linked object.
      • Fossil Quarry is now demolishable after the story trait is completed.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Increased amount of meteors in the Ice and Iron showers on the Regolith Asteroid.


  • All versions
    • Fixed Auto-Sweepers not picking up seeds.
    • Fixed Duplicants getting stuck operating an Oil Well if it gets disabled mid task. 
    • Ancient Specimen Story Trait
      • Fixed bug causing  "awaiting excavation" status item to last longer than intended.
    • Meteor Blaster
      • Meteor Blaster turret can no longer rotate further than 180 degrees.
      • Fixed Blastshot projectile appearing in front of the Meteor Blaster's barrel.
      • Fixed last Blastshot from storage not being visible or selectable after firing.
      • Missing resources status item now only visible when Meteor Blaster storage is empty
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed Auto-Sweepers not picking up Interplanetary Payloads.
    • Fixed an issue preventing meteor showers from traveling on the starmap.
    • The question mark on unidentified meteor showers no longer rotates with the meteor shower.
    • Fixed a visual bug where identifying a meteor and then opening the star map for the first time would not update the meteor icon state.
    • Fixed a visual bug where meteor showers arriving at a world would stack on top of the world instead of disappearing.
    • Fixed an issue preventing Duplicants spawned using the sandbox Spawn Tool from triggering the “visited” state on a world.

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