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[Game Update] - 548880

Release Date: 03/21/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • All Versions
    • Reduced Ancient Specimen story trait’s Main Fossil Site diamond consumption.
    • Blastshot Maker recipes now produce Blastshot in batches of 5. Adjusted ingredient amounts, fabrication time, and building CO2 output.
    • Adjusted Meteor Blaster and Blastshot Maker heat production.
    • Updated fossil dig site POI art.
    • Updated Blastshot Maker animations.
    • Updated Meteor Blaster animations and timing.
    • Updated Blastshot Maker artwork to better fit building size footprint.
    • Improved Load Game menu tooltips when trying to load base game saves with Spaced Out! DLC activated and vice versa. Added a mini ONI logo to base game saves.
    • Adjusted Change Recipe arrow toggle layout in fabricators' selected recipe UI.
    • Updated Blastshot Maker effects text and removed reference to high temperature output.
    • Changed Meteor Blaster build menu subcategory name to “Meteor Defense”.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Added status item on Starmap meteor showers to show remaining time before impact.


  • All Versions
    • Corrected Main Fossil Site animation when Ancient Specimen story trait is completed.
    • Blastshot primary element now reflects the recipe used to produce it (Iron, Aluminum, Copper, or Cobalt).
    • Fixed crash that could occur when deconstructing multiple Meteor Blasters.
    • Fixed issue preventing the "Drag Straight" shortcut from properly limiting a tool's area of effect. This also fixed an edge case issue with the Disconnect Tool.
    • Fixed issue allowing Supply Closet "Claim Items" buttons to occasionally open a blank screen.
    • Modding
      • Fixed issue with localization of ComplexFabricator.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a Telescope or Enclosed Telescope.
  • Base Game only
    • Corrected missing build menu subcategory labels for base game rocket modules.

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