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[Game Update] - 524472

Release Date: 09/22/22

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi friends,

This is a patch for the public testing branch which includes some polish to the Spice Grinder and Somnium Synthesizer as well as some bug fixes introduced during public testing. Plug Slug morphs had some tuning changes too. Thank you for all the bug reports and feedback!

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Added specific worldgen failure message for when story traits are unable to be placed.
    • Spice Grinder
      • Removed cracked seeds. Seeds remain as seeds even when their quantity is less than 1.0.
      • Moved Spice Grinder unlock to Food Repurposing tech
      • Changed the whole Spice Grinder body color so it now matches the selected spice.
      • Add “No spice selected” to Spice Grinder, and set animation states based on whether a spice is set.
    • Somnium Synthesizer
      • Updated the artwork for the Somnium Synthesizer’s first pop-up.
      • Additional power up/down animations for the brain tank.
      • Worldgen: Small modifications to Somnium Synthesizer POI
      • Increased Somnium Synthesizer light output. Light only shines when consuming Dream Journals and oxygen. 
      • Updated artwork for Pajama Cubby.
    • Updated story trait database entries to display their keepsake and "cover" image.
    • Updated Critter Flux-O-Matic art.
    • Chinese localizations updated.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Removed Pyrite from Plug Slugs' diet.
    • Significantly increased Sponge Slug and Smog Slug inhaling capabilities.


  • All versions
    • Fixed Gulp Fish and Oxyfern not converting their respective elements.
    • Fixed issue with conduit packets bypassing exit vents.
    • Spice Grinder
      • Various fixes for Spice Grinder.
      • Spice grinder only spices a single food type at a time
      • Fix Spice Grinder meter updating correctly
      • Only display Spice Grinder storing status item on the ingredient storage
    • Restored "Spiced Food Only" toggle to Refrigerator.
    • Potential fix for navigation crash.
    • Gassy Moos can now be scanned with the Critter Flux-O-Matic.
    • Fixed Oxylite not being absorbed when dropping out of an Oxylite refinery. 
    • Fixing a bug that sometimes was crashing the game whenever a Duplicant without a suit uses the transit tube to escape to a safer zone.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed Plug Slug refined metal diet poop.

Known Issues

  • Spaced Out!-style moonlet clusters are frequently unable to place story traits.

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