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[Game Update] - 507408

Release Date: 05/13/22

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi everyone,

Today's patch to the public testing branch includes some changes to Cuddle Pip balance, fixes for UI bugs, and some animation and string changes. You can see the full patch notes below.

Thank you again for checking out the public testing branch! Have a great weekend.

  • Changes and Improvements
    • All versions
      • All localization updates
      • Cuddle Pips can be passively hugged if the last time they asked for one they did not receive a hug.
      • Banshee no longer plays screaming locomotion animation when under 100% stress. Replaced with new animation between 60 and 100% stress.
      • Added shorter and less frequent sneeze animation to Hot Stuff effect.
      • Renamed Cuddle Pip Hugged effect to Cuddled to differentiate from the Hugged effect Duplicants receive.
      • Renamed "Cooked Seafood" to "Cooked Sea Meat" to distinguish from Radiation Resistant: Seafood ingredients in Spaced Out.
      • Right clicking now closes the Skills Table Screen unless the cursor is over a priority box, in which case the priority is decremented.
  • Fixes
    • All versions
      • Fixed issue where sometimes a Duplicant and Cuddle Pip were not facing the same direction when hugging.
      • Fixed issue causing top left management menu buttons to be hidden behind some full screen UIs.
      • Fixed issue preventing some UI screens from respecting user scale settings.

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