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[Game Update] - 482865

Release Date: 10/20/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi everyone,

We’re releasing a patch for Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! to the Public Testing branch today. 

There have been lots of adjustments to the new Spaced Out! style Moonlet clusters (previously called “fractured” clusters). Thank you for your feedback on these clusters so far!

Further work has been done on the new Radiation Lamp building. It now converts some Uranium Ore directly to Depleted Uranium during use. 

Many more POI buildings are now demolishable, including crashed satellites, neural vacillators, and the AETN. We also fixed a bunch of bugs!

You can read the full patch notes below. Thanks for your continued feedback and bug reports! If you'd like to try the Public Testing branch you can follow the instructions listed here.


  • All Versions
    • Updated Combustible Liquids and Compostables element category descriptions.
    • Neural Vacillator chair is now demolishable.
    • Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier is now demolishable instead of deconstructable.
  • Base Game Only
    • Forest biome in Rime now includes some buried Oxyfern seeds. 
  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Updated icons for new asteroids in Moonlet clusters.
    • Updated descriptions of Moonlet Clusters.
    • Added a description to the Radioactive Ocean Asteroid.
    • Increased the amount of Uranium Ore the Radiation Lamp consumes
    • Added sound for Radiation Lamp.
    • The meter on the Radiation Lamp now functions.
    • Moved the Radiation Lamp in the research tree from "Interior Decor" to "Agriculture".
    • Moved the Radiation Lamp in the crafting menu from "Furniture" to "Radiation".
    • The Radiation Lamp now drops Depleted Uranium as it consumes Uranium Ore.
    • Added a small amount of noise to radiation emitters
    • Fixed wording of Morale High Ground achievement to be more clear.
    • Worldgen
      • Fixed issue causing a high temperature Abyssalite break on the Radioactive Ocean Asteroid.
      • Moved The Badlands Asteroid in all Moonlet Clusters to be more centrally located.
      • Removed Neutronium from Flipped Asteroid's magma surface. Increased magma passage size.
      • Adjusted Metallic Swampy asteroid to have slightly more variety of metal geysers.
      • Adjusted Radioactive Ocean to have more curated water geysers.
      • Minor adjustments to Space POI positioning in Moonlet Clusters. 
      • Added buried Oxyfern Seeds to Forest biome on Frozen Forest Asteroid.
      • More consistent Oxyfern placement on Forest Moonlet and Radioactive Ocean Asteroid.
      • Improved Moonlet Cluster's Badlands Asteroid oil rules.
    • Crashed Satellites are now demolishable.
    • Cryotank 3000 is demolishable after defrosting Duplicant inside.
    • Unknown Geysers are now displayed when selecting an asteroid on the Starmap. These are found in Classic Style clusters.


  • All Versions
    • Fixed issue preventing Duplicant names from hiding when the camera is zoomed out.
    • Smooth Hatchling egg chances are now affected by eating Aluminum Ore. Removed reference to unused Electrum diet.
    • Fixed Wall Clock's height being incorrect.
    • Fixed bug preventing Security Doors from being deconstructable after loading a save.
  • Base game Only
    • Fixed the offset of the dupe interact with the virtual planetarium. It was moved over half a tile so now it sits in the machine properly.
    • Fixed an overlapping port issue that made the Space Scanner impossible to build.
    • Fixed bug allowing radiation values to display in Duplicant properties panel when DLC is not active
    • Fixed bug causing Radiation tutorial to show up in base game.
    • Fixed bug causing Radiation build menu category to show up in base game Database.
  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Adjustments to background orbiting object visuals to prevent overlaps.
    • Fix Radiation Lamp missing radiation on one tile.
    • Fix Radiation Sensor referencing temperature instead of radiation.
    • Stone and Smooth Hatches can now eat Cobalt Ore. 
    • The Radiation Lamp description no longer says it is emitting light.
    • Ladder Bed shake animation no longer plays when a Duplicant walks by an empty bed.
    • Fixed crash when rummaging a vending machine.
    • Fix issue where the automation system wasn't picking up very short state changes from the Radbolt Sensor. 
    • Potential fix for Saturn Critter Trap crash.

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