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[Game Update] - 480747

Release Date: 10/01/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi everyone,

Today’s patch for the Public Testing branch contains a new classic style Rime cluster. This cluster’s frozen starting world resembles the base game version except it adds the Radioactive biome into the mix.

Radiation is now visible in the world similar to how extremely hot and extremely cold areas are highlighted.

There are also new achievements, improvements to Radbolt automation, and a number of fixes. 

Full patch notes below. If you'd like to try the Public Testing branch you can follow the instructions listed here.

Have a good weekend!


  • Simplified Chinese localization
  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Classic Rime Cluster
    • Added “storage full” automation output ports to buildings that store and consume Radbolts.
    • New achievements: First Teleport of Call, Soft Launch, GMO A-OK, Mine the Gap, and Cluster Conquest achievements.
    • Added Radbolt Sensor sound and its hammer strike sound
    • In-Game radiation effect
    • Radbolt Sensor animation polish


  • Fixed Flush Toilet descriptor appearing twice on building Database entries.
  • Performance: Reduce overall frame time by spreading out a few more systems
  • Potential fix for suits being delivered to the wrong locker.
  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Worldgen: Irregular Oil trait can spawn a bit closer to the start.
    • Worldgen: Fixed Trapped Oil world trait on classic style Large Forest Cluster.
    • Added copy settings to Radbolt Sensor.
    • Fixed Radbolt Sensor sometimes not registering Radbolts.
    • Include creature effects and per-use facilities like toilets and sanitizers in Database element usage.
    • Fixed Rover's status item tooltips displaying incorrect name.
    • Fixed Major/Minor Irritation tooltips on Shower.
    • Fixed a typo in the Supply Teleporter Output description 
    • Shortened Glow Stick description and took out 'alone' keyword in Loner description
    • Optimized some textures, fixing an atlas overflow error when clicking on a Teleporter for the first time.
    • Fixed crash composting certain mutant seeds.

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