[Game Update] - 475803

Release Date: 08/24/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hi folks!

Today we’ve got a small patch to the Public Testing branch. We’ve done some animation polish on this update’s new buildings and fixed a handful of bugs. Full notes listed below.

As always, if you'd like to try the Public Testing branch you can follow the instructions listed here.

  • Changes & Improvements
    • Simplified Chinese localization
    • Spaced Out! Only
      • Added tooltips to cluster map hexes.
      • Hooked up Ladder Bed interruption animation
      • Trailblazer Lander now visible on starmap during deploy/landing
  • Fixes
    • Fixed stress tooltip crash on load affecting some players
    • Removed test code causing the research screen to be slow to open
    • Base Game Only
      • Removed duplicate Gantry entry from the research screen 
    • Spaced Out! Only
      • Ladder Beds require the bottom most bed to have a foundation.
      • Fixed an issue where some Duplicants would not interrupt sleep on a Ladder Bed
      • Duplicants without the Rocketry skill can no longer use the Rocket Control Station
      • Duplicants do not use the Rocket Control Station while the rocket is not travelling
      • Buildings now use the correct colour for unfiltered inputs and outputs.
      • Fixed issue causing some artifact descriptions to display incorrectly in the Artifact Analysis Station
      • Fixed issue causing invalid Rail Gun Payload name
      • Synced escape pod landing animation
      • Liquid Pump no longer duplicates Nuclear Waste
      • Fixed a bug where the input/ output ports in rocket interiors would sometimes become jammed when they should not be.

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