[Game Update] - 471883

Release Date: 07/16/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hello everyone!

We've got a late-Friday patch to address a number of issues that came up in the Breath of Fresh Air Update.

This patch should address many of the immediate issues, especially concerning rocketry and UI.

Unfortunately, it seems that we didn't catch as many of these issues in the Public Testing branch as we had hoped. We have this patch for you today, and we are still going through your bug reports and feedback while we work to address your concerns, so please let us know any issues you're running into in the bug forums!

Additionally, there are some known changes which are going to take longer to work through, so we're putting up a temporary archive branch on steam which represents the state of the game prior to the Breath of Fresh Air Update. You can use this to continue existing saves or play on an older version while we work out the remaining problems. To play this version, right-click on Oxygen Not Included in your Steam library, click on Properties, and choose Betas > public_previous_version. (You may need to relaunch the Steam client for this option to appear.)

We know this update has not been great for many of you, and we're sorry for the frustration this situation has caused you! We will keep working hard to fix this situation, and to make ONI even better than it was before.

Thanks, as always, for being part of ONI's development with us! Have a great weekend.



  • Added "Clear all pinned resources button" to pinned resources panel header

Bug Fixes

  • Don't crash the game if a mod has a typo in mod.yaml or mod_info.yaml. (Unless it's a dev mod, then still crash!)
  • Fixed issue where the Priorities screen was missing the prioritize/deprioritize all buttons.
  • Fixed issue with "Enable Proximity" button on the Priorities screen not being clickable.
  • Added a few more mutually exclusive Duplicant traits
  • Fix issue preventing right-click dragging on the left half of the screen
  • Update Simplified Chinese localization
  • Fix doubled-up music when worldgen fails
  • Base Game Only
    • Fixed issue where rocketry buildings under construction could not be cancelled.
    • Rocketry building placement restrictions returned to expected "stacking" restrictions
    • Gas and Liquid cargo bays changed back to their original 1000 kg storage limit.
    • Cargo bay module strings restored to their expected base game versions.
    • Removed Rocketry skill since it's only used in Spaced Out!
    • Fixed issue sometimes causing oxidizer tanks to drop their contents of load.
    • Restored priority control settings to Solid Oxidizer Tank
    • Fix crash that could prevent saves with Space Scanners from loading
    • Fixed an issue where rockets returning from a mission did not properly land. This also resulted in a missing Deconstruct button on the Command Capsule.
    • Non-command rocket modules launch and land correctly.
    • Fixed issue preventing Command Capsules from sending green automation signals when their flight path was blocked
  • Spaced Out!
    • Fix crash when switching from base game to Spaced Out if the DLC wasn't previously installed. (Now it forces Steam to install it.)
    • Updated the update timer in the main menu for next update


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