[Game Update] - 471338

Release Date: 07/13/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hello friends!

This update contains some significant performance improvements for all players, as well as continued work on the Spaced Out! Colony Imperatives and worldgen. Finally, a number of crashes have been fixed. Let us know if you see any other problems with the Base Game, and thanks once again for all your feedback and bug reports during this mergedown!


  • Performance improvements
    • Optimized some messaging between objects being slower than intended. In big bases, this can often save > 50% of a frame (in one base, ~63% performance was gained over many frames)
    • Research screen now shows and hides more responsively.
    • Spread out Colony Diagnostic checks and UI updates across frames to make performance more consistent and less spikey.
    • Resources Panel no longer updates when collapsed, preventing large performance spikes.
  • Spaced Out!
    • Refined Regolith Asteroid world generation and added it to all clusters.
    • Added audio for Cosmic Archaeology victory short.

Changes and improvements

  • Fridges now go into a low power "energy saver" mode when their contents are cooled.
  • Added a dialog that appears when upgrading base game saves to the newest version to explain the major differences.
  • Spaced Out!
    • Moved Temporal Ripper from Superconductive Asteroid to Tundra Asteroid and updated POI.
    • Updated Temporal Ripper animations.
    • Reduced Temporal Ripper Radbolt processing speed.
    • Added Temporal Tear open/closed animation and status items.
    • Added inspect analyzed artifact popup to Artifact Analysis Station side screen.
    • Added launching and landing animations to starmap rockets.
    • Added cobalt Atmo Suit recipe to the Exosuit Forge.
    • Added starmap launch/land animation to rockets
    • Added Meteor Shower season to Regolith Asteroid.
    • Reduced amount of Iron Volcanoes on Tundra Asteroid temporarily. It will return to the previous numbers in the next update.
    • Added audio for nuclear waste barrel fx.
    • Added starmap artwork for Regolith Asteroid.
    • Final line thickness polish on new victory monument artworks.
    • Made revisions to Duplicant face artwork in victory monuments.
    • Made small adjustments to Classic asteroid artworks.


  • Players who don't own Spaced Out once again have sound.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing buildings from showing status items when they needed materials delivered.
  • Restored comma separated number formatting to calorie display in resources screen.
  • Duplicant condition panel no longer shows radiation exposure in base game.
  • Seafood and Lettuce products no longer provide radiation resistance in the base game.
  • Reordered Exosuit Forge recipes to so worn suit recipes appear after the suit they repair.
  • Meteor Showers are working again in the base game
  • Space Scanner once again gives warning of approaching meteors.
  • Spaced Out! artifact victory condition information no longer shows up in base game.
  • Spaced Out!
    • Fixed crash when using the Telescope.
    • Fixed issue where Atmo Suits from pre-merge saves would sometimes lose their internal oxygen. This was causing Duplicants to be unable to use checkpoints that had previously been working.
    • Fixed misleading tooltips for rocket height limit condition.
    • Fixed crash opening Crafting Table Codex page.
    • Minor art updates to victory monument artwork (replaced rocket modules with likeness of modules that are actually in the game).
    • Small adjustments to artifact artwork to fix floating artifacts in the Artifact Analysis Station.
    • Fixed an issue where some asteroids would not reveal their surface.
    • Adjusted “set rocket destination” tooltip.
    • Drillcone description fixed to include Cargo Module reference.
    • Temporal Ripper can no longer be damaged by meteors.


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