[Game Update] - 455421

Release Date: 03/11/21

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey all! Along side the Totaly Rad Update for Spaced Out! we've got some fixes for the base game of Oxygen Not Included:

  • Added an OpenGL configuration to the game as a workaround for certain startup issues. If you've been unable to launch the game, try changing your Steam startup option in Oxygen Not Included > (Right-Click) Properties > General > Launch Options, add -force-glcore and relaunch the game.
  • Hatch falling animation revisions
  • Fixed Hatches floating in the air after being wrangled while burrowed
  • Adjusted Hatch collider offset when burrowed making it easier to click on
  • Fixed physics where objects would slide into walls instead of away from them
  • Fixed drag area tooltip
  • Fixed loading Sandbox Tools’ disease settings when trying to load Radioactive Contaminants in the base game
  • Updated base game to use the same strings file as Spaced Out! to streamline translation efforts

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