[Game Update] - 418018

Release Date: 06/24/20

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Another patch on the Testing Branch. Thanks for all the feedback!

  • Removed periodic debug pausing that was accidentally added.
  • Partial fix for Wind Tunnel requiring gas underneath to function
  • Fixed the melting temperature of solid Methane
  • "Underway" text on starmap screen is now localizable
  • Duplicant age in Bio panel is now localizable (known issue: age is always 0, which will be fixed in the next patch)
  • Fix solid flaking temperature deletion. Uses the actual energy required for the melt, as well as the SHC of the transition element.
  • Insulated pipes/vents are now blue in the Plumbing/Ventilation overlay, rather than orange, to differentiate them more from radiant pipes/vents
  • Update strings for Chinese, Korean, and Russian
  • Outhouse now handles dirt correctly. Dirt is consumed per usage (13kg), Polluted Dirt output now includes Dirt used (6.7kg -> 19.7kg). Dirt is not destroyed on clean (it's dropped with the Polluted Dirt), and is not returned in full on deconstruct. A full supply of dirt is required to become usable after cleaning.
  • Duplicants and Robo-Miners should no longer infinitely dig. Please let us know if you see any new oddness with digging.

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