[Game Update] - 397900

Release Date: 03/04/2020

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Hook up Control Input icon to the Signal Selector, Signal Distributor, and Automation Overlay legend.
  • Solid conveor element sensor now correctly senses things made of genetic ooze
  • Fix crash when the Hammer hits a wire that's missing its network (somehow)
  • Tweaking logic overlay icon styling
  • Fix a crash if a Storage was selected while a Research Station was destroyed
  • Sweepys plural fix
  • Fix crash when solid conduit bridge is destroyed while shipping overlay is displaying
  • Final art and functionality of Ribbon Bridge
  • Updated Korean and Chinese strings
  • Wattage Sensor no longer adds Watts suffix to the end of the input field
  • Ribbon Bridge wires are now tinted in the Automation Overlay
  • Support for Hammer striking Logic Gates, Logic Wires, Logic Ribbons
  • Default "nothing found!" sound for Hammer striking non-existing sounds
  • Hook up Sweepy main menu animation.
  • Changed Conveyor Element Sensor artwork from gas symbol to solid on the display screen
  • If using the "Copy" building button, it now copies the orientation
  • Changed the default orientation of the Memory Toggle and Ribbon Reader for consistency
  • Added proper sorting and also categorization to the filter sidescreen (conduit filters and element sensors)

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