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[Game Update] - 395444

Release Date: 02/19/20

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Move Pixel Pack location in the build menu.
  • Drywall once again renders behind wires/conduits, because it is not their intent to block negative decor and it is visually misleading.
  • Fixed crash caused by Sweepy destruction after sweepy station deconstruction.
  • Fixed problems caused by Sweepy delivering to a full base station.
  • Automated Notifier settings save and load correctly.
  • Automated Notifier tooltip can now be 4x as long as before.
  • Reduce a tons of memory spend on Line of Sight tests. On one save, this cut down on 965MB of allocations during load
  • Selecting a new Automated Notifier no longer replaces its settings with the previous Notifier's settings.
  • Sweepy anim improvements.
  • Duplicant will rescue a stranded Sweepy.
  • Sweepy base station can (and must) make new Sweepys from refined metal.
  • Sweepy immediately stops working and becomes rescuable when it can't reach its base station
  • Created new codex category for robots. Moved Sweepy there.
  • Fix crash if Sweepy is charging and the base station gets destroyed.
  • Fix crash when sending a multi-bit automation signal into a Signal Selector or Signal Distributor's control inputs.
  • Fix PixelPack crash if it cannot find a connected wire while updating colors.
  • Fix crash when trying to place objects on Sweepy
  • Fix another Sweepy crash
  • Plants/power generators no longer crash if they are destroyed at the same time the room containing them is modified.
  • Updated Signal Selector and Signal Deselector descriptions
  • Counter resets to 0 when it reaches its count, rather than 1
  • Pixel Pack power consumption down to 10W
  • Timer Sensor can now be set to <1sec values
  • Counter displays its count correctly again.
  • Counter: Add a "decrement" mode which lets you count down instead of up. (WIP)
  • Added Signal Multiplexer and Demultiplexor descriptions.
  • Updated Pixel Pack artwork
  • Signal Switch/Power Switch sidescreen reflects the switch's incoming state correctly when paused.
  • Ribbon Writer and Ribbon Reader are now on the logic layer.
  • Fix output ports hover text using incorrect input ports string.
  • Virtual Planetarium requires the Astronomy Skill with Planetarium Researching trait. (Previously it was incorrectly set to Advanced Research)
  • Pixel Pack now responds properly to gaining or losing power.
  • Pixel Pack power input is moved to the correct spot.
  • Hammer now only operates if given power.
  • Added new research tier descriptions and automation notification
  • Performance savings for triggering sounds

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