[Game Update] - 381897

Release Date: 11/22/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hotfix 381897:

  • Fix crash downloading patch notes when language was not set to english.
  • Fix Duplicant animations not playing when they worked at buildings.

Earlier Hotfix 381818:

  • Added NEW! Insulation tutorial video which triggers when you build a specifically heat-influencing building.
  • Fix crash when trying to load the Short image and patch notes
  • Added the Mechanical Surfboard's sounds to the main menu
  • Added some suntan lotion rubbing sounds to one of the cycles of the Beach Chair
  • Worlds that were generated with Mod Traits will no longer crash if reloaded without those mods.
  • Fixed crash that happened when multiple sparkle streakers were sparkle streaking at the same time.
  • Added some more variation to the wind tunnel sounds
  • Balloon anims snap around less often
  • Audio doesn't cut out immediately upon stopping a video clip.
  • Fixed the Duplicant positions in the wind tunnel
  • Fixed blurry Wind Tunnel textures
  • Wind tunnel get in/get out animations now play
  • Fix Total Skills string so it gets localized
  • Small changes to Chinese strings
  • Missing Hot Tub interact sounds re-added
  • Made the dupe less concerned looking in the unlit state of the beach chair dupe interact
  • Updating hot tub dupe interacts to final animation
  • Sparkle effects should layer better with buildings

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