[Game Update] - 379868

Release Date: 11/14/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Added "Wind Tunnel" rec building, wheeee!
  • Updated sticker placement anim
  • Hot Tub descriptions and statuses are more accurate and contain the key temperatures
  • Hot Tub only consumes bleachstone while in use
  • Juicer actually consumes its ingredients now
  • Fixed Juicer ingredients "popping" into the jar
  • Sauna water usage description displays correctly
  • Duplicants from older saves will be given a random joy reaction on load
  • Unibrows have grown back
  • Hot Tub has the correct recreation priority
  • Updated Beach Chair animations
  • Increased Rec Room max size
  • Fix aliasing on various UI images
  • Soda Fountain can now accept enough CO2 to actually be used
  • Screen resolution options no longer default to 1024x768 in windowed mode.
  • Hook up Soda Fountain interact anims
  • Super Productive joy reaction triggers more reliably and has a custom "yay" animation
  • Updated animations for balloon giving and recieving
  • Hot Tub accepts more bleachstone at once
  • Hot Tub transitions between filling, using, and draining more reliably
  • Pitcher Pump will correctly pump liquids at the surface of other liquids
  • Hot Tub power usage reduced
  • Super Productive no longer awards infinite skill points after a dig (however, the points which were awarded will remain)

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