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[Game Update] - 361684

Release Date: 08/22/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Research screen nav improvements: smooth zoom, wider max zoom, smooth keyboard panning, respects mousewheel rebinds
  • Various strings typo fixes
  • Performance improvement in achievement tracking
  • Cropped colony screenshots on main list
  • Incubators can select their preferred egg even if zero are available
  • Game saves preview screenshots when saving the game, and displays them in the load menu
  • Molar mass of solid and gaseous ethanol fixed
  • Updated Chinese translations
  • Updated Russian translations
  • Clicking notifications for new skills, no research, or no analysis opens the corresponding screen
  • Fixed issue with "Missing Research Station" not showing in the correct conditions
  • Only show "new skill point" notification if Duplicant went from 0 to 1 available points and remove it if the points get spent
  • Skill points and hats refresh correctly when choosing skills
  • Improve loading of colony summaries and timelapses so that the screen opens much more responsively
  • Colony summary screen no longer leaks memory
  • Slowed down the playback speed of the timelapse, and added basic playback controls
  • Selecting an achievement in the colony summary screen shows detailed progress towards that achievement
  • Added icon on achievements list to indicate if the base is eligible for Steam achievements¬†(i.e. has debug been used)
  • Critter Sensor allows choosing to activate when Above or Below the chosen value
  • Fix issue where where certain rotations of buildings wouldn't detect if their foundation had been removed
  • Added salt shaking sounds to the mess table
  • Fix extra click sounds on the printing pod buttons
  • Pacu are generally less constantly loud, particularly when in large groups.
  • Fix Rust Generator electricity sparking sounds.¬†
  • Tutorial videos are slightly louder.¬†
  • Fix scrolling sounds on the asteroid select screen
  • Correct click sounds play on various checkboxes
  • Play correct sound effects when shuffling Dupes
  • Wrangled critters only vocalize sometimes instead of constantly
  • Made rust deoxydizer bubblier (both art and audio)
  • Suit Checkpoint placer now more strongly indicates its usage and direction
  • Fix occasional crash when taking a timelapse screenshot after load
  • Fix issue where overlays would partially show in timelapse screenshots
  • Fix "ghost ladders" that would exist if a ladder got replaced with a tile

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