[Game Update] - 355817

Release Date: 07/26/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Updated sound effects for the saltwater geyser
  • Ladder/Tile building replacement has been removed for launch
  • Sound effects for Duplicant shuffling on the crew selection screen
  • More colony initiatives added
  • Jet suits now work the same as Atmo suits: they collect all the "output" from the Duplicant and release it on unequip.
  • Jet suits no longer magically drain Bladder
  • Added arrow buttons to the Asteroid select screen
  • Added more stats to the colony summary screen
  • UI Scale slider doesn't set the scale until the cursor is released. Fixes an issue where the scale would bounce wildly while adjusting
  • Duplicants will now consider a atmo/jet suit which is 95% full to be "full enough" to use
  • Fix a crash when trying to play music tracks
  • Desalinator is now flippable, not rotatable
  • Decor plants once again count towards a Room's decor requirements.
  • Muckroots and Hexalents count as 'wild plants' for parks and nature reserves
  • Added some missing icons to concepts in the Database
  • Adjusted asteroid difficulty rankings. Thanks for your extensive feedback, everyone!
  • Updated artwork for Aluminum
  • Skill Upgrade animation sound effects added

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