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[Game Update] - 355043

Release Date: 07/24/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fix "No Sick Bays" message from appearing after sick bays have been built
  • Fix bug where farm stations/crop stations would lose track of being in a room and thus be unable to tune up/fertilizer the other things in the room
  • Fix a bunch more dead Database links
  • Further fixes for monument decor values
  • More colony initiatives added
  • Fix crash if Insufficient Oxygen Generation is clicked after an oxyfern has been uprooted
  • Fix crash if a critter is wrangled and dies at the same time
  • Updated world and ore textures for aluminum, rust, and salt
  • Colony summary screen should scale more correctly
  • Many strings typo fixes and tweaks
  • Plastic from the Portal comes out at a reasonable temperature
  • Compostables can be stored in storage lockers, solid transport, etc.
  • Lily flowers are compostable
  • Liquid/Gas filters, Conduit Element Sensors, and Gaseous Element Filter correctly save/load, correctly remember their setting, and now have a "none" setting that makes newly constructed ones behave correctly
  • Element sensors with a logic output have an updated sidescreen
  • New story added to the Journals
  • Pips eat/poop at a reasonable rate now
  • Fix crash when Tree trunks were destroyed
  • Amalgamator is now Rock Crusher
  • The default asteroid now generates without any traits for a more consistent experience
  • Puft Princes can eat any of the Puft foods
  • All Puft poop efficiencies raised to 95%, and daily consumption increased.
  • Rust Deoxydizer outputs chlorine in gas form
  • Updated Chinese translation
  • Status items won't play a sound on click unless they actually do something
  • Fixed "no preview available" display on colony summary screen.
  • Fix bug where gasses could merge and convert types if two gasses tried moving into a vacuum cell on the same tick. :|:|:|:|:|:|:|:| 

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