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[Game Update] - 353289

Release Date: 07/18/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fixed sounds on Ethanol Distillery
  • Added salt shaking sounds to the mess table
  • Zoom in/out buttons have icons on the Research screen
  • New artwork for the Forest forage plant
  • Fix crash due to running out of tagbits
  • Fixed looping eating sounds for Pokeshell and Pip
  • Fix for crash when critter grooming finishes
  • Filters and Buffers have unique tooltips on their control screen
  • Rust Deoxydizer building has correct height now
  • World traits should be consistent for the same seed between OSes
  • BBQ recipe no longer includes Spicenut
  • "Soul Food" effect moved from BBQ to Burger
  • Arbor Trees can not grow more than 5 branches at once
  • Arbor Trees require more polluted water to irrigate, and fertilizer has changed from Phosphorite to Dirt
  • Increased wood input rate of Ethanol Distillery (increased non-ethanol outputs)
  • Wood Gas Generator wood input reduced
  • Nosh Sprout is now fertilized with Dirt and Ethanol
  • Ethanol lakes have been added to the Rust biome (worldgen required)
  • Database now contains entries for many of the "Page Not Found" high-level concepts, like Power, Temperature, etc.
  • Wheezeworts now have correct cooling capacity when planted in a farm
  • Wheezewort status items shows correctly after load
  • Tweaked Ethanol Distillery "on" artwork
  • All strings on the Load screen are now translatable
  • Balm Lily seeds can appear in care packages

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