[Game Update] - 327401

Release Date: 04/18/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Medicine pack and medicine vial recipes are automatically unlocked at the apothecary when the matching doctor stations are researched
  • Add some retries to mod db loading for cases where backup utilities or onedrive have locked a file
  • Skill Scrubber will be correctly resumed on file load
  • Updated artwork for Skill Scrubber
  • Added sounds for various animated Artefacts
  • Dupe hats work correctly on the Schedule screen dropdown
  • Dupe hats work correctly on the assignment screens
  • Various sick emotes (i.e. holding stomach and swaying) no longer cause chore interruption
  • Tweaked frequency of sick emotes
  • Dupe Germ Susceptibility attribute is now Germ Resistance. Traits, game setting, boosters, etc. affect a duplicant's Germ Resistance, and each disease has a certain negative resistance. The combination of the two becomes the chance to get sick, which gets close to but never reaches 0% or 100% (except with the custom game setting of course)
  • Germ Exposure tooltips include a (small) clue as to where the germ was encountered

It's a long weekend starting tomorrow up here in Canada, so have a good weekend everyone!

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