[Game Update] - 324933

Release Date: 04/11/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Rocket Piloting ability is now correctly gained from the Rocket Piloting skill
  • Second astronaut skill now called Rocket Navigation and increases the speed of space travel
  • Deconstruct icon shows in the Shipping overlay
  • Fix a crash in the assignment side screen
  • Gassy Moo has it's own voice now
  • Always show progress bar on Geysers once analysis has started
  • Fix issue from trying to load ModLoader.dll multiple times
  • Reinstall mod files if they have been deleted locally
  • Fix a crash if multiple medicines are loaded in a doctor station
  • Booster Pills now decrease the chance of contracting a disease
  • Fix for skill screen experience tooltip miscalculation
  • Fix Suit Checkpoints breaking waterlocks, tiles, etc. that were to the right of them.
  • Duplicants can be rolled with the Allergies trait.
    • Non-allergic duplicants get the "Smelled Flowers" stress bonus if they inhale Floral Scent germs
    • Allergic dupes go in to an allergic sneezing fit if they inhale Floral Scent germs
    • Allergy Medication can be produced at the Apothecary
  • Clarify the messages and buttons on the Mods screen when a rweestart is required
  • Enabling any mod in the mods/dev folder will put the mod system in Dev Mode, making the game more forgiving of mod crashes
  • New Temp Art for the Doctor Station

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