[Game Update] - 322934

Release Date: 04/05/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

    Hotfix 322394

    Just sneaking this one out before the weekend. Have a good one, folks!

    • Zip extraction works correctly on OSX, allowing Workshop mods to be correctly installed

    Hotfix 322848

    • Fix Smart Battery automation descriptions and tooltips
    • Liquid Fan has been deprecated (can no longer be constructed)
    • Water and ice transition correctly inside Ice Maker / Icedro Fan
    • Balancing of Ice Maker / Icedro Fan heat and power usages
    • Squeamish now actually can't roll with a Caring interest
    • Gastrophobia and Gourmet can no longer roll together
    • Duplicants were earning skill experience at about 3x the rate they were tuned to, now the algorithm has been corrected.
    • Sick dupes will not wait for treatment at a doctor station if they are the only available doctor
    • Add dupes in space to consumables, priorities, skills and vitals screen
    • Dupes in space appear faded in these screens
    • Reorganize astronaut skills on the skill screen
    • Critters will no longer pass through doors set to "auto", even if a duplicant has opened it. They will pass through doors set to "open" though
    • Mods button is always active, instead showing a message if no mods are installed.
    • Pacifist trait no longer prevents digging Skills from being learned
    • Outer Space sounds will "calm down" around constructed bases
    • Gravitas Facility has its own ambience
    • Tweaked Drywall placement sound
    • Red Alert and Yellow Alert overlays no longer interfere with each other
    • Adjusted Yellow Alert sounds, added an activation sound for "!!" priority
    • Activating the Materials overlay no longer causes building plans to hide behind the ground
    • Mod preview images download correctly
    • Game restarts correctly after a mod is installed
    • Mods under development can now be placed in Documents/OxygenNotIncluded/mods/dev/<modname>. This will cause crashes and restarts to be handled slightly differently, to make iterating on mod development easier.
    • Duplicant portraits in the UI once again wear hats!
    • The top-left HUD element that used to show immune levels now counts sick duplicants
    • Added sounds to Icedro Fan
    • Steam Turbine can now get Engie's Tuneup
    • Can now rename storage lockers

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