[Game Update] - 299241

Release Date: 12/11/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fix a crash when uprooting from planterboxes and farm
  • Corner Moulding decor item added
  • Jet Suit recipe is available whenever the Jet Suit tech is researched
  • Fix crash when Dupes try talking about master artists
  • Hooked up many new sculpture variations
  • Fixed Sculptures from showing as uncarved.
  • Sculptures and Canvases can now be flipped
  • Fix Vole Pups failing to dig
  • Rottable foods in cooker storage will no longer rot
  • Fix a crash if a building which had previously been built off the map finishes construction
  • Buildings in invalid locations can no longer be constructed
  • Decorative plants count towards a Room's decor requirements
  • Rottable foods inside buildings no longer have a blank bullet under them
  • Voles sitting still on solids now properly render as "buried"
  • Fix text input crash on Battery screen in Korean
  • Temperature slider now has a curved input, allowing the whole range to more easily be scrubbed
  • Baby Shove Vole sound effects added
  • Mini songs are correctly muted when opening the Duplicant Selection window
  • Carpet Tile footsteps
  • Materials list correctly lists both Breathable and Unbreathable gasses

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