[Game Update] - 298981

Release Date: 12/10/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fabricators with infinite queues will no longer halt production
  • New sound effects for Metal and Marble sculptures
  • More more more build menu linework
  • Updated middle-quality Marble sculpture
  • Adjusted artwork and plant positions in the Hanging and Wall vase so the plant doesn't go through the ceiling as easily.
  • New animations for releasing fish in to the water
  • Socializing at the Printer Pod no longer has a visible progress bar.
  • Several threshold-based side screens have been updated with new buttons for mouse-based entry, rather than a slider.
  • Temperature sensor now allows the entire temperature range to be selected (even if the sensor itself can't handle it...)
  • Improved building status text for infinite queues with missing ingredients.
  • Medium quality small statue has been redesigned
  • Critters will once again be able to find food inside a Critter Feeder
  • Fix up some crashes that resulted form dissociated astro-dupes
  • Improve tooltip when a building can't be placed at certain locations
  • Metal Refinery once again requires enough coolant to begin fabrication
  • Fix fabricators building up an infinite supply of resources if their fabrication is started and stopped
  • Fabricators should no longer get "stuck" if their operational state changes (i.e. from entombment, power, etc.)
  • Fix a crash on the Kiln if it got entombed while working
  • Doors will once again update their temperature to match their environment
  • Updated Korean and Chinese translations
  • Duplicants pick up Pacu using their multigun rather than bagging directly, because they are unable to actually stand on a fish trap.
  • Further logging improvements for disappearing rocket parts -- If you've launched a fresh rocket since Thursday's hotfix, and it has come back without pieces, please post the save file so we can determine where they went! :)

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