[Game Update] - 298494

Release Date: 12/06/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Copy Building tooltip includes the hotkey
  • Recipes on fabrication buildings are now clickable to show detailed information (some information still missing) as well as queue controls.
  • Recipes can be queued up to 99 times, and have a text entry box.
  • Build menu line weights for even more buildings
  • Fixed helmet location in Jet suit locomotion anims
  • The correct number of fibers are returned on deconstruct of a fiber building
  • Added more debugging to rocket module destruction. This information is saved into your save file, so if you (1) launch a rocket after this hotfix¬†and (2) it comes back with missing parts, then (3) please make a bug and attach your save file so we can track this down once and for all! :)
  • Final art for new sculpture variations
  • Sound effects for Fish Relocator interacts
  • Sound effects for Jet Suit tool anims

Hotfix 298560

  • Infinite queue on fabricators will once again get worked by dupes

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