[Game Update] - 297718

Release Date: 12/03/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Further work on build menu building icon line weights
  • Slicksters no longer freeze if they can't reach their favourite pee spot
  • Pufts no longer get confused if there's a door above them when they try to poop
  • Duplicant portraits fixed in most screens
  • Suits and other equipment should properly restore its visuals and effects when an astronaut leaves a rocket
  • Items on Pedestals will no longer be invisible after a save/load.
  • Astronauts should unassign from a rocket module on the first try now.
  • Potted Plants' decor bonus will correctly restore after wilting
  • Updated animations for the Fish Relocator
  • Fixed a layering issue with the Neural Vacillator
  • Partial optimization of fetch chores
  • Duplicants will now sleep in their beds on load
  • Secondary ports (e.g. on filters) will correctly restrict overlapping placement
  • Fixed more cases where dupe-operated production buildings were stalling out
  • Fix a crash in production buildings
  • Kiln recipes are named by output now
  • Smart Battery and similar buildings now allow text input
  • "Copy Settings" works for dupe-operated production buildings
  • New animation for the Critter Sensor
  • Paintings and Sculptures now rely on Job traits rather than Creativity skill to create ugly/mediocre/materpiece artworks. (Creativity skill still affects the "work time" for completion.)
  • Overhaul of decor values for the new decor items, as well as tech tree positioning and build menu grouping.
  • New strings for the decor items
  • Added "Master Artist" for creating highest-tier decor
  • Added new flower pots
  • Canvases now require fibres to construct.
  • Tech items should no longer be "off the end" of the research screen scroll area
  • Updated artwork on the sculptures
  • Decor no longer passes through mesh/airflow tiles, but still passes through windows.
  • Moulding Tile is now Trimming Tile, and is no longer a tile but a ceiling decoration.
  • Baby Puft now blinks correctly
  • "Raw Metal" renamed "Metal Ore" to reduce confusion with "Raw Mineral"
  • Work-in-progress variations for sculptures
  • More fixes for crashes on load
  • Fix for game hanging when rockets land
  • Rockets now are created with generated names.

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