[Game Update] - 296878

Release Date: 11/28/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Significant rework of the internals of production buildings with the new recipe screen.
    • No more notification spam
    • Duplicants should once again start fabricating once resources become available
    • Please let us know if anything else broke!
  • Tall Canvas now has correct dimensions
  • Fix several crashes on load when Duplicants became disconnected from their command capsules
  • Any Duplicant who was "lost in space" (due to the dissociation bug, or the rocket destruction bug) should now magically appear next to the Printer Pod next time you load the game.
  • Fix a crash when a rocket with a dissociated duplicant tried to land
  • Fix a crash when reassigning a rocket
  • Duplicants won't get out of a rocket until there is a gantry in place
  • Astronaut Duplicants will really have to pee when they land after a mission
  • Updated temperatures of new decor plants to match their biomes
  • Duplicants in suits will no longer wash their hands forever
  • Further updates to Build Menu icon line weight

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