[Game Update] - 296642

Release Date: 11/27/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Add codex entries for Mirth Leaf, Buddy Bud and Jumping Joya.
  • Various codex string improvements.
  • Add rocket name generation.
  • Fix crash that could occur on load.
  • Swamp lily is no longer a building fiber.
  • Fix temperature transfer after save/load.
  • New marble, metal and small sculptures.
  • Mirth Leaf can survive in Chlorine and Hydrogen. 
  • Jumping Joya can survive in high temperatures.
  • Fixed material selection sort.
  • Changed wide canvas to be 3 tiles wide.
  • Fix crash from old rocket save data, and prevent "ghost" rocket destination icons on the starmap.
  • Fix crash if the first time you open the starmap screen after launching the game you also happen to have a rocket selected.
  • Update UI Icon lines on Creature Trap, Conveyour, Compost, CO2 Scrubber, CO2 Filter and Clothing Factory.
  • Outhouse meters reset once cleaned.

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