[Game Update] - 296074

Release Date: 11/23/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Waterline added to Pitcher Pump placer
  • Fixed duplicant position for Algae Terrarium interact
  • A bunch of art adjustments to the Carpet Tile
  • Sight-Seeing Module now shows up in the Rocketry menu
  • Sight-Seeing Module actually applies buff on return
  • New Fabricator Queues will properly save/load
  • Item Pedestal now shows up in the Furniture menu
  • Restored the BBQ and Spice Bread recipes to the Cooking Station
  • Removed some unnecessary items from showing in the Logic Overlay hover cards
  • Carpet and Crown Moulding are no longer permeable
  • Hatches can no longer burrow in Carpet and Crown Moulding
  • Further work on Fabricator screen
  • Fix crash being caused by some styled text
  • Sand no longer infinitely falls on the Pitcher Pump

In addition: We've turned off a particular debugging feature which seems to be responsible for most of the slowdown on the Testing branch. The Testing branch will still have worse performance than the Release branch, but it should be much more playable now!

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