[Game Update] - 289764

Release Date: 10/15/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fix crash in codex message dialogue
  • Updated Vole animations
  • New artwork for the Virtual Planetarium
  • Fixed see-through liquid containers
  • Reverted petroleum colour
  • Further fixes to rockets disappearing during launch/landing
  • Building exhaust temperature should no longer cause cooling to nearby cells
  • Further pass on element colours
  • Added meters to various rocket modules
  • Updated Jetsuit Checkpoint art
  • Dupes will no longer get stuck in an infinite yuck/ouch loop if they overheating while eating infected food
  • Baby Drecko can no longer sneak through closed doors
  • Solar Panel animations play correctly when there's no light
  • Oil Refinery is now flippable
  • Vole egg tuning
  • Fix Ranchers getting stuck if they can't reach a drop point set to auto-wrangle
  • Starmap shows distant destinations once again, but in a different colour
  • Can now "Analyze" space destinations on the other side of a gap
  • Duplicant health bars will be always visible if they are below 80% health
  • Fix selected object description not updating on select
  • Flight Path Not Clear now checks exactly the rocket width, and will report the first obstruction it finds in the status item
  • Fix crash when duplicant AI is searching for fetchable items
  • Updated strings for most of the new buildings
  • Fix crash with Voles that were created earlier in this previous
  • Sleeping in any kind of bed slowly restores Dupe health
  • Dupes will stop a recreational task immediately at night if they already have the bonus for that task
  • Space Destinations better display possible rare elements, and will actually give those elements once researched
  • Updated Auto Miner artwork
  • Fix crash if an item is destroyed while a Duplicant is determining if they can move to it

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