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[Game Update] - 289327

Release Date: 10/11/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Increased the number of Shove Voles that spawn in a world
  • Jet Suit Locker has a status if there isn't enough fuel available
  • Jet Suit Locker O2/Fuel indicators are hooked up
  • Jet Suit Locker correctly determines if a suit is fully filled
  • Loose ore now exchanges heat with the tile beneath it, even if it's not in a vacuum
  • Rockets will not launch if their path to space is obstructed
  • Conduits no longer kill all disease inside them
  • Jet Suits require petroleum to fabricate and come pre-fuelled.
  • Revised art on Liquid Storage
  • Gas and Liquid elements now have proper colours in the codex and recipes
  • Fixed stretched side screen for refinery buildings
  • Thermite renamed to Thermium
  • Database revisions
  • Command Module no longer fetches infinite suits
  • Steam and Hydrogen engines are no longer stackable
  • Attachable buildings (i.e. rocket parts) now show a proper warning if they can't be placed
  • Updated artwork on Jet Suit buildings
  • Adjusted recipe for Superinsulator (abyssalite + isoresin + fibre)
  • Adjusted recipe for Supercoolant (gold + petroleum + fullerene)
  • Gas Emptier art revisions
  • Gas Emptier building size matches updated artwork
  • Research screen search filter updates in realtime, searches descriptions as well as names
  • Telescope is no longer a research station; used to analyze space destinations
  • Basic Rocketry no longer requires orange research points
  • Hooked up Jet Suit visual effects
  • Updated main menu animations
  • Altered scene layering to accommodate the Vole -- please let us know of any weirdness!
  • Ore from the Oxylite Refinery appears on the correct layer
  • Vole diet drastically increased to convert meaningful amounts of ore into meaningfully sized tiles
  • Reduced the mass of Regolith meteors by about half
  • Vole heat range increased to 400C (comfort) and 500C (fatal)

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