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[Game Update] - 284355

Release Date: 09/04/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Solar panels and the steam turbine now obstruct light.
  • Fixed crash when deconstructing command module.
  • Fixed missing gantry status icon.
  • Fixed room types not being properly recognized.
  • Astronauts no longer lose their experience after a mission.
  • Rockets now display their name on the star map screen.
  • Fixed bug with return cargo amounts. Return amount should reflect what is shown in the starmap.
  • Fixed bug with biological cargo return amounts. 
  • Cargo bays now return a total of one tonne of resources.
  • Cargo bay has an empty storage button.
  • Fix "allow manual" option on conveyor receptacles incorrectly preventing access by auto-sweepers.
  • Astronauts no longer fall through the gantry floor when leaving the rocket.
  • Centrifuge, Liquid Reservoir and Gas Storage sound hookup.
  • Fixed an issue where mass could be created during the pressure simulation.
  • Fix for dupes not transfering items from lower priority storages to higher priority storages.

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