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[Game Update] - 279457

Release Date: 07/25/18

Update Information:


Though originally thrown together by cruel cosmic circumstance, the Duplicants of the colony have weathered incredible hardships together and come out the other side as stronger friends for it. Armed with their new talents of self awareness, compassion and extreme friendliness, our intrepid Dupes are now fully committed to supporting each other through life in the colony - the good times, and the bad. 

But mostly they'll just chat about cute Hatches.

What's New in the Expressive Upgrade?

Duplicant Interactions

Duplicants have new powers of self expression and are now more aware of the colony, themselves, and even their peers. New animations, expressions, and interactions have been added to help the Duplicants convey what's happening to and around them.

Key Features

  • Reaction Animations: Duplicants will now visibly react when they gain new status effects and notice when important things happen around them.
  • Interactions: Duplicants will greet their friends in the halls, chat a bit while working, and compliment each other on a job well done. Turns out they're not alone on this asteroid!
  • Conversations: Do you like Mushbars? I like Mushbars! Mushbars are pretty good. You're such a good listener, you know?

Scheduling and Personal Time

As part of their new self-awareness, Duplicants have become concerned about about their Morale. Just because they're buried under miles of rock and slime (and half of them have embarrassing GI problems) doesn't mean they can't be happy!

Key Features

  • Scheduling: Colonywide schedules can now be adjusted, not only to give the Duplicants much needed Downtime at the end of the day to socialize and unwind, but also to ensure they empty their bladders before they run off to work!
  • New Recreation Buildings: While the most basic of breaks can be accomplished by hanging out by the Water Cooler, Duplicants can really let loose at the local Jukebot or Arcade Cabinet!
  • Morale Expectation: Job expectations have been unified into a single Morale rating, which encompasses Duplicants' food, lodgings, activities, and whatever else on the asteroid that they find fulfilling.

And More!

  • New Mini Transformer: A new Mini Transformer has been introduced to improve technological progression through the Research Tree. Pick up the mini version for a quick start into Transformer usage, then build the full Transformer for a real challenge!
  • Discoverable Lore Entries: What was "Gravitas", and what was their purpose? How did the Duplicants end up on the asteroid? Inspect buildings, critters, and more to fill your Database and start unraveling the mystery!
  • Updated Animations and Sounds: Critter animations, including babies, wrangling, and morphs have received new animations and sounds, along with a number of buildings which previously had been silent.
  • Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Expressive Upgrade Test Branch, submitted your crash and bug reports, and gave your feedback in our Suggestions Forum. We're always grateful to hear your thoughts and thank you for the time spent playing our game.

Now go take a break!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?
Specs are likely to change, but currently these are the requirements we have. It is highly recommended that you do not purchase if you aren't over this spec as we may have to raise the spec in the future. 

Minimum System Requirements for Windows, Mac, and Linux

How often can we expect new updates while you're in EA?
All new content is being released as part of our regular game Upgrades every six weeks. Check the update timer in the main menu to see how long to go until the next update!

Is there OSX and Linux support for this game?
Yes there is! The game can be installed through Steam on either of these platforms.

What about other platforms(consoles/mobile)?
There are no plans to support any other platforms at this time.

I found a bug/have a suggestion. What should I do?
Come let us know about it on the forums!

Will there be multiplayer?
There are currently no plans to add multiplayer.



Change List:

New Features

  • Duplicants will have simple conversations with other nearby Duplicants, about things they have recently used
    • Duplicants will "react" to things happening to and around them such as:
    • When getting Wet Feet or Soggy
    • When seeing other Duplicants who are working hard
    • When a nearby Duplicant levels up a skill or job
    • When a nearby Duplicant is stressing out
    • When a new friend joins the colony
    • When waking up with a Sore Back
    • While mourning deceased Duplicants
  • Duplicant time scheduling added:
    • Access the Schedule Screen from the button under the Asteroid Clock
    • Duplicants will only perform certain activities (working, eating, sleeping, relaxing, using the bathroom) during appropriate schedule blocks.
  • Recreation Buildings added: Water Cooler, Arcade Cabinet, Jukebot, and Espresso Machine
    • Duplicants will use these buildings during Downtime to improve their Morale
    • If no recreation buildings are available, Duplicants will gather at the Printing Pod to hang out
  • Morale will replace Food and Decor Expectations. As Duplicants gain training, you'll have to improve the colony around them
    • Added Morale modifiers for using recreation buildings, proper bathrooms/mess halls/bedrooms, and food eaten
    • New tiers of rooms added
    • Massage Table is now a medical/stress item rather than a recreation item
  • Added many new unlockable Database entries to discover
  • Added “Inspect” options to many existing point of interest buildings
  • Added sound effects for many of the buildings which had not yet received any, details below
  • A new song, "Duplicants' Theme", has been added
  • Completed animations for wrangling, babies, bagged, and other unfinished critter business, details below
  • Added mouth and eye movement to Duplicants independent of their current activity, so now they can blink and walk at the same time!


Updates and Improvements

  • Gaseous Element Sensor should no longer function when missing power.
  • New Lime/Ceramic ore art.
  • Gas/Liquid should no longer incorrectly be displaced diagonally through gas/liquid permeable tiles.
  • Fix for Lavatory not going to the full state after zero flushes.
  • You can now see the priority value of critters that have been marked for capture.
  • Fixed an issue where buried objects were appearing where nothing was buried.
  • Auto-Sweeper no longer works through Glass Tiles.
  • Snore effect layer moved forward.
  • Refrigerator items should now be alphabetically sorted.
  • New Mini Power Transformer building has a throughput of 1KW. The pre-existing power transformer outputs 4KW and requires refined metal.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the sandbox tools to stamp buildings at the edge of the world.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pressing backspace in an input text box.
  • Starting base no longer has two obsidian tiles. They are now all sandstone.
  • Fixed a liquid leak that could occur when trying to spawn liquid into a solid cell.
  • Pneumatic Doors can now be entombed and can also be dug out.
  • Storage building art now reflects whether the building is marked for sweep only.
  • Critter Feeders/drop off locations no longer allow the sweep only setting.
  • Solid doors only allow sand to fall through them if they are sideways.
  • Deconstructing POI windows no longer gives neutronium, and more POI objects in general are deconstructable to prevent blocking people's bases.
  • Added missing wallpaper tile to the Gravitas surface POI.
  • Rooms no longer require a door to be a room.
  • Duplicants will now go to their friends’ graves to mourn them.
  • Mourning effect has a higher stress penalty.
  • New stretch animation when waking up.
  • New animation when Dupes eat contaminated food.
  • Updated Russian/Chinese/Korean localization.
  • Duplicants get small stress bonuses when they interact with each other.
  • Duplicants will react more quickly to a tile being dug out beneath them.
  • Falling sand landing near a Duplicant should cause that Dupe to play a startled reaction.
  • Fix flying critters sometimes being able to fly through closed horizontally placed Pneumatic Doors.
  • New schedule editor allows you to control when Dupes eat/sleep/work.
  • Massage Table room is no longer the rec room, now it's a "clinic", since it's for health (stress) management rather than Morale.
  • Fixed an issue where dropping sand onto a Pneumatic Door would break pathfinding.
  • Made Duplicants pass out on the floor if their stamina ever reaches 0%.
  • No longer interrupt sleep when a loud noise happens, just play the waking animation and gain the status.
  • Decor now contributes to Morale. At the end of a cycle, the average decor is taken and converted to a Morale modifier for the next cycle.
  • Upgraded Unity to 2018.2.0f2
  • Stamina gain from sleeping on floor increased
  • Balanced room and bed based stamina effects to be more comparable to each other.
  • Added some new "higher tier" room types.
  • Food and Decor Expectations are being replaced with Food and Decor Perceptions, which are modifiers on the food Duplicants eat and decor they see as it turns into Morale bonuses.
  • Morale has a scaling stress effect now, the more you over/undershoot a Dupe's target morale, the bigger the stress effect.
  • Consumables screen now shows Morale instead of Food Expectation and Stress.
  • New traits which affect Food Perception.
  • Added Night Owl trait
  • You can no longer debug dig tiles. You must use the deconstruct tool.
  • Rock and Dust comets no longer spawn loose regolith (though loose regolith may be spawned when a tile is destroyed).
  • Moved Massage Table into the Medicine build category.
  • Added Ice Sculpture to the tech tree.
  • Refinery and fabricator side screen build queues should better indicate their 'ingredients available' status.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using sandbox tools to delete a dupe.
  • Duplicants will walk a little bit further to get a higher-quality piece of food than a lower-quality piece of food.
  • Updated Backwall art
  • Finished "trussed" anims for all critters
  • Updated Solar Panel artwork
  • Shearing Stations can only be built on floors
  • Refineries will now fetch all ingredients for multi-ingredient recipes
  • Updated Egg Cracker artwork
  • Updated space background contrast
  • Mesh and Airflow tiles now take proper damage from meteors
  • Fix crash when Duplicants are checking if they can pee
  • Sneezing once more plays the whole animation
  • Egg Shell art hookup
  • Updated Shearing Station sounds
  • Fix alignment of build menu and tool menu
  • Updated messaging and status on manual valves
  • Fix a bunch of minor crashes in the simulation
  • Kiln sound effects added
  • Shearing Station sound effects added
  • Improved load times of bases with lots of objects that can fall
  • Fix crash when wires are built outside the grid
  • Updated art for Temp Shift Plate
  • Fix perspective on background planet
  • Fixed artwork for Window Tiles and Bunker Tiles
  • Fix numerous spelling mistakes
  • Updated POI item strings
  • Objects can now be inspected for Database entries
  • Added descriptions to the surface POI items
  • Fix a crash in the crash reporter :(
  • Fix a crash when deconstructing a Travel Tube
  • Fix a crash for objects checking if they are partially submerged
  • Fuel coal added to Kiln recipes
  • Fix crash when using the sandbox “sample” tool outside the world
  • Added artwork for baby Pacu and morphs
  • Update animation for Incubator interactions
  • Tuning to damage and deposits algorithm from meteors to keep surface more "level"
  • Dust meteor is now made of Regolith
  • Fix a shader change which was causing black outlines on everything
  • Updated sound effects for background planet
  • Fix bug where pipes would have the wrong temperature coming back from a save
  • Wallpaper and Temp Shift Plates no longer create void when you deconstruct them
  • Prevent the game from crashing in no sound mode
  • Fix wording on Ceiling Lights
  • Fix crash when objects have extreme temperatures
  • Fix crash when rooms touch the edge of the world
  • Fix crash when angry Duplicants try and punch outer space
  • Tweak artwork in surface POI
  • Added meteors to sandbox spawner
  • Fix various crashes when pipe contents contents get bad values to continue gracefully
  • Fish Feeder sound effects
  • Fish Delivery Point now only accepts fish
  • Fish Trap sound effects added
  • Add Glass Forge sound effects
  • Baggable critters are now visibly picked up
  • Fix crash when sandbox painting extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Duplicants mouths move and they make sounds when thought bubbles appear
  • Can use shortcut keys to save/restore the camera position
  • Lights leaving the game world no longer crashes
  • Meteor Detector can only be built on the ground like a normal building
  • Fix crash when hitting backspace in text input areas
  • Fix Drecko rotation if being groomed near a wall
  • Fix crashes when spawning unsupported elements into the world
  • Sequential Transformers will no longer report as "unpowered"
  • Falling water no longer crashes when it falls outside the world
  • Fix Courier/Handyman strength perks
  • Suits now show up in the resources panel
  • Fix for door temperatures getting reset
  • Fix crash if you have too many autosaves
  • Fix star background parallax directions
  • Improve critter pathfinding so they can more reliably get groomed
  • Fix Gas Element Sensor animations
  • Added sound effects for all the pipe sensors
  • Plants no longer create a horrible notification when they are uprooted
  • Ore that gets buried in a tile of the same element is now added to that tile
  • Eggs will no longer incubate on a Conveyor Rail after passing through a bridge
  • Hooked up sounds to Transfer Arm range visualization
  • Added/fixed in-game popup for when the audiodriver is having issues
  • Fix large memory leak when a game was unloaded before loading another one
  • Add wrangling sound effects
  • Duplicants no longer play double chewing sounds
  • Earlybird trait once again affects all attributes
  • Duplicants will face the correct direction when using the Egg Incubator
  • Fixed Puft inhale animation
  • Added detection for write permission errors to display an error message
  • Shine Bug light follows them correctly through various animations
  • Fixed gas leaking through tiles in some directions
  • Duplicants will occasionally wave hello to each other if they pass in the hallway
  • Fixed thought bubbles no longer appearing
  • Fix missing Drecko animations
  • Added sound effects for critters getting trussed and escaping
  • Fish overcrowding is now properly calculated
  • Increase maximum zoom in screenshot mode
  • Critter "Happiness" attribute shows proper modifiers in the tooltip
  • Many tooltips updated for accuracy and clarity
  • Fixed incorrect cycle count on the "Resume" button
  • Shortened Shine Bug morph names
  • Increased Plastic melting point to 160C
  • Added/Updated thought bubble artwork to distinguish different kinds of Duplicant thoughts


Final Testing Branch Patch Notes

  • Water cooler has sound effects.
  • Arcade machine has one and two player sound effects.
  • New building: Espresso Machine
  • Small transformer sound effects.
  • Refinery and fabricator side screen build queues should better indicate their 'ingredients available' status.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when inspecting decor.
  • Showering is now limited to the Bathtime schedule block.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a dupe finished research started by a now deceseased dupe.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using sandbox tools to delete a dupe.
  • Massage table once again applies a boosted effect when placed in a proper room.
  • Plants no longer show Morale in their side panel.
  • Food morale bonuses should now be properly applied.
  • Increased the threshold at which duplicants are willing to eat a breaktime meal to half a day's calories.
  • The maximum stress gain/loss from morale has been clamped
  • Morale expecation of highest job tier slightly reduced
  • Duplicants will walk a little bit further to get a higher-quality piece of food than a lower-quality piece of food.
  • Moved JukeBot up a tier in the decor tree, moved Espresso machine to late in the plumbing tree.


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