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[Game Update] - 279276

Release Date: 07/24/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Great hall now requires 3 decor items.
  • Fixed UI aliasing.
  • Fixed a performance issue where Dupes would use a lot of cpu time to find a place to stand and chat.
  • Jukebot turns down game music for you when you're looking at them.
  • Jukebot chirps with excitement when friends come by to dance, and beeps with sadness when they leave. 
  • Arcade Cabinet SFX.
  • Tweak room constraints, so now partial Great Halls are still Mess Halls, and Med Bays can be built with Latrines.
  • Food and Decor Expectations are being replaced with Food and Decor Perceptions, which are modifiers on the food Duplicants eat and decor they see as it turns into Morale bonuses.
  • Morale has a scaling stress effect now, the more you over/undershoot a dupe's target morale, the bigger the stress effect.
  • Consumables screen now shows Morale instead of Food Expectation and Stress.
  • New traits which affect food expectation.
  • You can no longer debug dig tiles. You must use the deconstruct tool.
  • Rock and Dust comets no longer spawn loose regolith (though loose regolith may be spawned when a tile is destroyed).
  • Moved Massage Table into the Medicine build category.
  • Added Ice Sculpture to the tech tree.
  • This can happen:
  • dance_party.gif

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