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[Game Update] - 272331

Release Date: 06/07/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Overall tuning to the power and fertilizer economies    
    • Solar panels have a higher max wattage and sun is much much brighter so panels are at max watage for more of the day
    • Meteor showers occur for a smaller percentage of the season
    • Methane generator produces more waste heat    
    • Petroleum generator uses less fuel    
    • Fertilizer maker is no longer a methane power producer, now it's a fertilizer producer with a specialized recipe
    • Compost produces dirt, sleet wheat requires dirt. Farm station still requires fertilizer
  • Reduced cost of Bunker Door and Bunker Tiles.
  • Puft and light bug will swim up through water to avoid drowning.
  • Hatches no longer try to move vertically between floor tiles.
  • Comet plays damage sounds as it passes through any tiles/buildings, not just on destroy. 
  • Fixed another crash when Duplicants were at the top of the simulation grid.
  • Fixed a simulation crash that could occur if a building was destroyed right after being placed using sandbox tools.
  • Fixed another debug key crash in the main menu.
  • Shine bugs stop glowing when they're overcrowded.
  • Liquids will attempt to displace their neighbour liquids if they have sufficient mass. This should _reduce_ the occurrences of a little puddle of liquid stopping the flow of a much larger river of liquid but checkboard type patterns will still ultimately result in the stall.
  • Shine bug egg names should no longer be capitalized when showing up in storage.
  • Creature pivot locators should no longer be visible.
  • Light bug babies should no longer all look the same.
  • Fixed some string formatting on the tooltips in the jobs menu.
  • "Unassigned" in the jobs menu is now localizable.
  • Meteor detector sound effects.

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