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[Game Update] - 270894

Release Date: 05/31/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Meteors no longer knock dupes around.
  • Trussed creatures escape after half a cycle.
  • Hook up rock/sand mining and break sounds to Mafic & Regolith.
  • Fixed sunburn saying it was contracted via inhalation.
  • Dreckos should no longer flicker when trussed.
  • Rancher must interact with incubating eggs for them to gain incubation rate bonus.
  • Fix crash when ore was flying off the left edge of the map.
  • Glass Refinery no longer disappears when in use.
  • Egg shells now stack and show their mass on hover.
  • Critters should no longer appear invisible when being auto-wrangled.
  • Fix occasional crash on startup.

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