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[Game Update] - 266730

Release Date: 05/02/18

Update Information:


Out in space there's an old saying; "happiness is a warm Hatchling". Well, today there's more than enough happiness to go around in a certain little asteroid!

Ranchers who have long enjoyed caring for the special critters of the colony have finally perfected breeding them in captivity, and they've been rewarded with the very best imaginable thing; baby critters! Bug-eyed Puftlings, tiny Slickster Larva, and chubby Shine Nymphs all await your care, plus some new critters that can't wait to meet you!

What's New in Mark II?

Critter Morphs

Each critter has latent genes that can be activated through specific conditions in diet, environment, and handsomeness. By giving special care to your critters, they will lay new varieties of eggs that hatch into morphs with new requirements and byproducts. Gotta ranch 'em all!

Key Features

  • Critter Morphs: Each critter has one or more variations that can be hatched from special eggs, if conditions are right, enabling new means of production and bonus adorableness.
  • New Critters: Some new wild specimens have been spotted around the asteroid!
    • Drecko: The lizard-like Drecko can be found in secluded corners and high ceilings of the Jungle Biome, nibbling on the local plants and basking in the warmth of the Hydrogen. Its woolly fur grows at an impressive rate and can be sheared off to gain new resources.
    • Pacu: The waters of the asteroid have become newly inhabited as well! Delicious Pacu will swim around, looking lovely and reproducing at a vigorous rate. Maybe you'll keep them around for their meat, or breed one of their morphs for their useful side effects.
  • Baby Critters: Newly hatched critters need time to grow up and learn the ways of the world before they mature. Some Cycle soon, they'll grow up and really start pooping out coal for you!
  • Additional Critter Care Buildings: To assist with the new critters, the Duplicants have developed some new ranching facilities.
    • Shearing Station: This station allows you to you relieve your Drecko of all that itchy fur! Works on scales, too.
    • Fish Trap, Fish Release: Get your little fishies out of the water and into your belly into a cozy new pond.
    • Fish Feeder: Pacu need to eat too! Use this feeder to automatically feed your fish each and every day. So long as you keep it stocked, anyway.

Sandbox Mode

Become the master of space and physics! Use the new sandbox tools to create a world of your own making, or tweak your existing colonies to perfection in this all-new mode. Manipulate elements and temperatures, place buildings free of cost, or add any creature, plant, or geyser to the world whenever and wherever you like.

Key Features

  • Create and Destroy Tiles: Dramatically alter the landscape of the asteroid by spawning or destroying any element of your choosing.
  • Spawn Duplicants: Create as big or as little of a population as you want. See how many Duplicants you can sustain in a single colony!
  • Save Compatibility: Enable sandbox mode in your existing save or start a new world. Note: You won't be able to reload your save in survival mode after it's been saved in Sandbox!

And More!

  • New Automation Control: The new Gaseous Element Sensor lets you detect the composition of your surrounding atmosphere. In-pipe sensors now let you control you colony based on the element, temperature, or germs contained within your pipes. A memory bit makes building your own super computer super easy*!
    • More Logic Ports: Even more buildings are now toggleable with a logic input.
  • Radiant Pipes: First, there were pipes. Then, there were insulated pipes. Now... there are radiant pipes! Effectively move thermal energy into and out of your rooms with this high-conductivity plumbing.
  • Official Russian Translation
  • Performance Enhancements!
  • Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!

Finally, we'd like to say a big thank-you to everyone who played the Ranching Mark II Upgrade Preview, submitted your crash and bug reports, and gave your feedback in our Suggestions Forum. We're always grateful to hear your thoughts and thank you for the time spent playing our game.

We hope you enjoy Ranching Mark II!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?
Specs are likely to change, but currently these are the requirements we have. It is highly recommended that you do not purchase if you aren't over this spec as we may have to raise the spec in the future. 

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit or Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: I5 2.0 GHz Dual core(or AMD equivalent)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA equivalent)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1.5 GB available space

How often can we expect new updates while you're in EA?
All new content is being released as part of our regular game Upgrades every six weeks. Check the update timer in the main menu to see how long to go until the next update!

Is there OSX support for this game?

What about other platforms(consoles/mobile)?
There are no plans to support any other platforms at this time.

I found a bug/have a suggestion. What should I do?
Come let us know about it on the forums!

Will there be multiplayer?
There are currently no plans to add multiplayer.


*probably not actually easy

Change List:

  • Added strong fertility penalty for wild creatures
  • Fixed "toggle" not getting prioritized correctly on things that don't normally have a priority
  • Disable Building buttons update to better show what the button is going to do
  • Added Gas Element Sensor building - Logic sensor that detects the presence of a specific gas for later game automation
  • If you mark a building to be turned off, anyone using or going to use the building will abort and go do something else.
  • Critters become unhappy if they are in a confined space, which includes being inside a door, inside a tile (if not burrowed), or in a room/space too small for even one critter
  • Disinfecting ignores building assignment, and is priority 5 on non-prioritizable buildings.
  • Fetching food to ration boxes and refrigerators is now a Food Fetch, and not a Storage Fetch.
  • Fixed broken research complete tooltip
  • Tweaked both the "hungry" and "starting" creature calorie ranges, so that newly generated and upgraded-save creatures don't go through a weird "drought" period of not producing.
  • Insulated Conduits should actually adjust the thermal conductivity so they don't behave like regular conduits.
  • Fix transfer arm able to pick up through solid tiles in certain cases
  • Fix transfer arm able to deliver through solid tiles
  • Updated the wrangle gun impact fx
  • Fixed Dupes not taking their vitamins!
  • Added ability to unlock "Sandbox Mode" for a save file. Unlocking sandbox mode allows the toggling of sandbox mode through a toggle in the top left.
  • Liquid/Gas insulated pipes are now much more insulated.
  • Fix crash when deconstructing mesh door in a vaccuum.
  • Added Radiant Gas and Liquid conduits that strongly exchange temperature with the pipe contents/surroundings.
  • Prevent tended crops from growing even if their requirements aren't met.
  • Added placeholder icons for categories that had missing/bad icons.
  • Priority GUI display matches the in game behaviour now.
  • Dupes will properly unequip a vest if two equipping another vest
  • Reset work time if equipping is aborted
  • Fix crash in growing crops
  • Fix crash in the crop side screen
  • Let users know if their game couldn't save because of disk space
  • Increase critter feeder storage capacity to 2000kg so it holds more than one "meal"
  • Fix toilet loading crash
  • Fix the elements in the Polymer Press description
  • Fix crash when unassigning some things
  • EggIncubator priority and animation fixes
  • Fix for errands disabled by traits still being performed by the dupes
  • Expectation column label updates when expectations change
  • Added Empty Pipe tool for clearing out blocked pipes
  • Empty Pipe status item icon is hooked up
  • Lureable creatures are only lured when the lure is actively baited with the correct bait.
  • Being unhappy greatly decreases creature productivity (via calorie use)
  • Cooking hat perspective tweaks
  • Lure baiting save/loads correctly
  • Change some spacing settings in the build menu to accommodate certain long words.
  • Pipe balls match new radiant pipe colours
  • Logic wire bridges can actually cross themselves now and they also show the ports so you should be able to see what's conflicting with what.
  • Gas/Liquid filter preview buildings correctly show ports
  • Toilets once again save their usage
  • When opening a sidescreen, the SFX and Music is ducked slightly to allow player to focus better.
  • Add sound for Incubator, Rancher Station.
  • Menu Open will turn down music more, turn down voices more. 
  • Fix Puft poop SFX.
  • Pipe sensors for disease, temperature and element.
  • World space Element sensor for gas/liquids
  • Eggs always incubate, and incubators accelerate the base rate
  • Eggs do not rot
  • Added logic ports to most powered buildings
  • Added first creature morph, the Alpha Puft
  • Massive slowing of the sublimation of oxylite ore. This makes the ore not silly, first of all, but also makes the Compressor Puft plausible.
  • Inhaler creatures no long inhale and poop in the same action, they can hold food in their stomachs.
  • Added Oxylite and Bleachstone
  • Display a localized error message on game load if possible
  • Show error dialog if you try to load a save file and don't have access to the save directory.
  • Fix crash if missing file permissions on load
  • Eggs hatch as soon as they are ready, in an active incubator or otherwise
  • Adding baby puft
  • Added in the High Temp and Pretty slickster morphs
  • Change Info panel display condition so it shows for creatures (actually, for anything that isn't a dupe).
  • Incubator has a status item for incubation progress
  • The colliders of rotated buildings actually line up properly with their visualizers now. This means you can actually select rotated 1x2 or 2x1 (e.g. not gates) as you would expect.
  • Added baby hatch
  • Creatures no longer clear their stomach on every poop, only clear the inputs which contributed to the poop
  • Added in Hard, Metal, Veggie hatch morph
  • Wildness is passed down from adults to eggs and babies
  • Critters are always fertile, much more so while tamed
  • Being unhappy is a major fertility debuff
  • When building logic gates, the build tool will now properly say that logic ports are obstructed
  • Creatures now show their diets in their info panel
  • Added many colours of shing bug morphs
  • Tuned decor values for shine bug morphs
  • Added baby shine bugs
  • Added MemoryBit Building
  • Added SFX for Puft, Shinebug, Hatch, and Slickster eggs hatching.
  • Fertile critters die of old age
  • Fixed rock crusher crash
  • Add SFX for hatch laying egg.
  • Sound of landing on the grooming table is more "tabley".
  • Tweak pre grooming sfx on the dupe.
  • Adjust dynamic mixer snapshots for duplicants moving, sleeping.
  • Fixed portraits not looking correct the first time you open any of the report screens
  • Fix a bunch of SFX tags on anims which were removed or renamed
  • Make shinebug idle voice play at 5% probability again.
  • Turn down doors volume when lots of dupes are onscreen.
  • Updated incubator anims
  • Critter Happiness is an Attribute and is the sum of current effects.
  • Positive Happiness is "Happy", negative is "Unhappy"
  • Added/fixed Incupator SFX
  • Added Drecko
  • Added Fibre and Plastic Drecko morphs
  • Creatures can lay multiple kinds of eggs
  • Details screen shows possible egg layings and percentages
  • Quiet Hat On/Off sfx for hatting/de-hatting while going to bed.
  • Add Transfer Arm SFX.
  • Mix/panning changes for Liquid/Gas/Solid conduit overlays.
  • Storage Compactor mix tweaks at high speed.
  • Liquid Pump mix tweaks at high speed.
  • Hatch voice and poop SFX is louder.
  • Smoother transition from Main Menu to World Generation music.
  • Fix volume bump on Pickup SFX loop.
  • Added Sandbox Mode
  • Added Sandbox element painter and fill tool
  • Added Sandbox heat gun tool
  • Added Sandbox entity spawner tool
  • Added Sandbox Clear Floor and Destroy tools
  • Added Sandbox sprinkle tool
  • Sandbox element tools no longer affect tiles
  • Egg chances for some creatures are modified by diet
  • Brought the Pacu back to life
  • Added Tropical and Cleaner Pacu
  • TransferArm makes sound when rotating, dropping and picking up things.
  • Critters play correct idle animations depending on where they are standing
  • Deckos can climb walls and ceilings
  • Added chance modifiers for all the egg types, based on diet, temperature, or nearby creatures
  • Prevents a crash in language selection
  • Fixed dupe right hand being invisible
  • Fixed dupes getting stuck when missing anims
  • Different max velocity when ore falls inside of liquid
  • Add some variance to ore falling speeds
  • Better fall behaviour for creatures
  • Fish no longer falls to the bottom of the water
  • Crash fixed if a switch side screen is open and you deconstruct the switch
  • Added cool little splash when things fall in liquid
  • Creatures now anticipate if they will be overcrowded based on the number of eggs in the room and become infertile as a result
  • Bump up the AirConditioner's ThermalConductivity so that it will function in more scenarios.
  • Creatures will now die due to overheat/freezing
  • When looking at a Geyser, music and environmental ambiences are turned down to clean up the mix.
  • Added fish-feeder building
  • Removing the sim system which caused clean water to be converted by polluted water because it often didn't work and makes it hard for fish to clean water
  • Ore now does horizontal collision checks
  • Creature delivery point shows creatures that you've discovered
  • Fixed layering on high wattage wire bridge
  • Added fish trap
  • Added fish relocator
  • Eggs now have a sort order for their display in the Incubator.
  • Incubator only shows eggs of creatures you've discovered.
  • Added baby slickster
  • Creatures are spawned with randomized ages.
  • Eggs are no longer stackable
  • If ore lands on the ground outside of the world (however that makes sense), destroy it.
  • Fish can be lured to fish traps
  • Fix crash at the end of worldgen
  • Replaced some of the world's slime with Sedimentary Rock, for feeding the hatches.
  • Added Drecko scale growth
  • Put in species info for database entries
  • Algae habitat coverts clean water to polluted instead of destroying it. Requires emptying when internal storage is full of polluted water.
  • Added Shearing Station
  • Fix bug where any geyser building up pressure would turn music down, regardless of whether we're looking at it.
  • Hooked up Pacu SFX
  • Polluted water max mass per cell upped to 1000 so that converting water doesn't cause the water level to drop
  • Altered creature life spans to cover a range
  • Creature starting fertility based on (randomized) starting age
  • Drecko will eat plants
  • Liquids sublimate "fully" if they're more than 1 tile deep, rather than getting slower as the top layer got thinner
  • Gas eaters once again "seek" gas instead of just eating from whatever tile they're on
  • Pufts now want more space in pens; fish less
  • Made the hand sanitizer much quicker, so it only licks about one time
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a baby puft turned into an adult right after consuming gas
  • Improved database entry generation.
  • Creatures morphs database entries grouped into species/family pages.
  • Recipes listed on food database entries.
  • Slicksters once again have a 'favourite' pee spot.
  • Added element thermal properties in databse entries and descriptions.
  • Added automation memory bit
  • Pufts now get fat when they are ready to poop, and will once again find the highest point above them.
  • Added metabolism to creatures to control their throughput
  • Improved food database entries contain quality, and rot information.
  • Baby critters grow into adult critters
  • Sandbox mode can be enabled as a custom game setting.
  • Sandbox toggle hidden if sandbox mode is disabled.
  • Options menu sandbox enable gives the option to save a sandbox disabled copy before enabling sandbox mode.
  • Creatures now show more specifically how much food they eat
  • Tuning pass on Shinebug foods
  • Some creature optimization
  • Babies will sleep
  • Babies will call for adults
  • Baby Puft SFX
  • Fixed icon for conveyor overlay tech
  • Critter stomach contents are properly saved now
  • Feeders now only contain food for the appropriate type of creature
  • Fix 'Z' key crash.
  • Sandbox tools have hotkeys configurable in input bindings screen.
  • Fix priority tool help card positioning
  • Fix crash when loading translations with incorrectly formatted <link> tags
  • Prevent some crashes in text input fields
  • Fixed bug where world hover text was not showing up
  • Fixed debug go to not working correctly for creatures
  • Pacu is no longer ranchable preventing crashes
  • Re-added the logic port to the coal generator
  • Increase the temperature range of the conduit sensors.
  • Fix for lingering link cursor
  • Fish will get tame from eating at the feeder
  • Fixed a crash in storage filter screen
  • Fixed a crash with the circuit switch when it was destroyed
  • Fixed tooltips in character container by enabling allow links
  • Fix for some dupes were showing up invisible
  • Fixed an where text links weren't clikcable
  • Updated logo for main menu screen (mark II)
  • Fixed the wipe brow anim on the ranch station
  • Added toggle sandbox mode hotkey
  • Dupes play the correct idle when going through doors
  • Baby hatches don't try and burrow
  • Fix the lay egg crash
  • Fixed a hang when loading a save file where a dupe was attempting to recover their breath but there was no breath cell available
  • Fix the offset when double clicking on dupes in the vitals panel
  • Updated Korean and Chinese translations
  • Swimmers can't sneak through diagonals anymore
  • Fish can no longer swim through mesh tiles
  • Fixed a bug where not all tags were registered to receive proper names causing a lot of the translation not to work
  • Fish is now slightly happy it ate from the feeder
  • Fix bug where pipes exchanging temperature with the world could result in runaway temperature change
  • Altered temperature transfer equation to use an averaging of conductivities rather than a min
  • "Insulated" buildings still use the min
  • Fix crash when buildings became buried
  • Fixed status item hover text not working
  • Fixed dupes not getting properly set to visible when first spawned
  • Pufts shouldn't try and sleep
  • Added Shinebug Baby SFX
  • Added Hatch Baby SFX
  • Added Slickster Baby SFX
  • Toxic Sand is now an unstable ground
  • Added link tag validation to localizations
  • Do a special pass on the world when loading old saves or starting new games to make Abyssalite temperatures match their surroundings as they conduct temperature very slightly now.
  • Changes to new game settings screen formatting 
  • Doors properly melt when overheated.
  • Work on making creature chewing materials more general rather than hatch-specific
  • We no longer allow strings with different amount of link tokens than the english string
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying a helmet
  • If elements have a thermal conductivity of zero, don't exchange temperature with them at all. This is a special case so that neutronium doesn't end up as a massive heat sink.
  • Fix "drip cooling" bug.
  • Creature chew sounds now play the default sound
  • Fix crash if the contents of a pipe froze at the same time the pipe was destroyed
  • Creature lure no longer crashes on deconstruct
  • Algae Habitats now have an empty chore which allows them to drop their bottles on the ground even if there is no bottle emptier.
  • Algae habitat no longer allows removal directly from storage.
  • Fixed liquid storage issue that allowed bottles inside and outside of storage to merge.
  • Increased bottle emptier speed.
  • Sandbox clear floor tool will not delete pickupables in storage
  • Sandbox mode has toggleable instant build mode.
  • Fix crash with a world seed of 2147483646
  • Wrangling now uses a priority
  • Details screen now multiplies in Thermal Conductivity modifiers so that things like insulated/radiant tiles show some numerical difference from regular tiles.
  • Duplicants can be spawned from the sandbox spawner menu.
  • Fixed search filter bug in sandbox selectors.
  • Added Russian translation
  • Emptying pipes requires the correct Job perk
  • Sandbox mode instant build toggle defaults to 'on'
  • Fix incorrect temperature change if partial boiling was blocked
  • Fix crash from supercooled hydrogen being able to get below zero degrees kelvin
  • Game will now warn you when a dupe wants to eat food but can't because of consumables permissions
  • Using the cancel tool on non wranglable creatures should no longer cause incorrect popfx to spawn
  • Fix for shine bugs not going to the correct tile to get groomed
  • Added fish-specific overcrowding
  • Fix crash trying to destroy POE Ladder tiles in game.
  • Fix morb not triggering ground creature trap
  • Properly set creature layers during ranching/shearing
  • Incubator egg selection displays morph icons instead of all displaying base egg
  • Database sub entry system allows multiple entries to appear on the same page. Used for the critter morphs
  • Opting out of metrics also opts out of crash reporting
  • Babies copy all their attributes to their adult form
  • Selection is maintained egg > baby > adult
  • Fix for liquid pumping station allowing delivery of liquids that were saved in storage on a load
  • Fix crash when clearing the world seed from the world gen settings screen
  • Sandbox Destroy tool deletes POI objects
  • Babies displayed in database.
  • Set correct creature layer when done ranching
  • Plastic Drecko SFX.
  • Fibre Drecko SFX.
  • Fix the incorrect finsih anim from playing on the dupe when cleaning the toilet
  • Fix race condition in Toilet.cs that could result in people freezing when trying to empty the toilet.
  • Fix duplicant and building animations not syncronizing
  • Sandbox spawner creatures are now organized by species/family
  • Fixed egg database links
  • Added temperature ranges to creature codex entries
  • Fixed baby and seed database links
  • Fix toilet layering problem
  • Element database entries list state transitions and temperatures
  • Fix two eggs ending up in one incubator

Final Preview Branch Patch Notes
These are the things specifically that changed since the last preview hotfix

  • Fix creature layer when done ranching
  • Added Drecko sound effects
  • Fish feed animation hookukp
  • Fixes for toilet animations
  • Sandbox mode should be correctly restored on load
  • Fix fish feeder crash on load
  • Adjust fish feeder storage and floodability
  • Fix priorities and weird "cancel" effect on wrangleable creatures
  • Updated in-game patch notes
  • Updated in-game countdown and early access art
  • Fix egg Database links
  • Fix Drecko animation rotations when on walls and ceilings
  • Add temperature ranges to critter database entries
  • Fix broken navigation grids for critters
  • Added Hatchling voice
  • Fixed Baby and Seed database entries
  • Can search sub-entries in the database
  • Fix infinite loop if someone tries cleaning a toilet before it's fully animated as full
  • Element database entries now list state transitions
  • Dupes will no longer put two eggs in one incubator
  • Added Baby Puft sounds
  • Fix Pacu navigation grid
  • Pacu has correct number of calories now
  • Added trapped pacu anim
  • Wild critters no longer have double calorie loss
  • Diet-based egg chance modifiers have returned to reasonable ranges

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