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[Game Update] - 261452

Release Date: 03/26/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Revert the crash fix for vests as it was causing more crashes. We'll look in to it further.
  • Toilets no longer crash if they were flushing when the game loaded
  • Fixed Polymer Press description

As well, here are the changes from 261394 from earlier today:

  • Wild critters lose fertility to prevent them from laying infinite eggs
  • Fixed tooltips on Priorities screen
  • Critters get unhappy if in a door, tile, or tiny room
  • Fixed Toggle priority on buildings that don't normally have priority (like the Printing Pod)
  • Adjusted the default priority of auto-disinfect on buildings which don't have priority to 5
  • "Research Complete" notification tooltip fixed
  • Ration Boxes and Fridges fetch errand priorities¬†are now controlled by Supply rather than Storage
  • Insulated pipes/vents once again insulate
  • Tweaked the¬†starting calories and hungry range so that creatures try and stay more full. This prevents wild creatures in new games from sitting around doing nothing for many cycles.
  • Transfer arm now (mostly) can't pick up or deliver through tiles
  • Improved Wrangle fx
  • Duplicants will now take more than one pill from a stack of pills.
  • Fixed several temperature bugs with Pneumatic Doors
  • Farmer's Touch will no longer make crops grow if they are stifled
  • Disabling an errand group on the Priorities screen will now disable those errands even if it's the dupe's current Job.
  • Fix crash when duplicants tried putting on too much clothing: Duplicants can no longer equip more than one vest
  • Fix crash that could occur when crops dropped their fruit
  • Fix a crash in the Planter side screen
  • More helpful error message when a game can't be saved
  • Added/fixed icons for many Database entries
  • Increased capacity of the Critter Feeder to 2,000kg

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