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[Game Update] - 253894

Release Date: 02/04/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Broad retuning of attribute leveling, to even out the progress between different attribute types and put them on a new curve
  • New artwork and effects for digging hard rocks, power tinkering, and ore pickup and delivery
  • Refined Conveyor Inbox, Conveyor Bridge, and Smart Locker art
  • Previously mastered jobs' perks are correctly loaded from save
  • Sound effects for Power Control Station and Steam Turbine
  • Removed Job-related subpriorities altogether, due to further knock-ons and hard-to-discern dupe behaviour
  • Fix crash loading some older saves that had jobs assigned
  • Batteries report charge loss
  • Added smart battery sound effects
  • Job perks won't apply more than once
  • Updated Disease Sensor artwork
  • Tweaks to battery refill meter behaviour
  • Disease sensor sound effects
  • Jobs now show how many duplicants have mastered that job in total
  • Shine bug idle voice is much less frequent
  • Fix crash when transfer arms try taking medication
  • Fix crash when a item is being repaired and gets destroyed
  • Fix crash when displaying crew portraits
  • Food rotting notification has been downgraded
  • Tweaks to printer pod sound effects
  • Fix crash that could be caused by logic-controlled doors
  • Fix details and stats panels showing information from the previously selected entity
  • Lots of tweaks and adjustments to Jobs text and tooltips
  • Turbine now works even if it doesn't have steam above it
  • Transfer arms no longer try to put everything in everything

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