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[Game Update] - 240508

Release Date: 11/02/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fixed high-priority tasks such as eating or toilet not interrupting work
  • Fixed priorities getting reset from existing saves. (NOTE: If you have made a save in Automation Preview, the priorities will get reset once more in order to support Oil saves.)
  • Fixed priority buttons showing correctly on the info panel
  • Logic circuits no longer make beeping noises each time a segment is constructed
  • Improved metal tile art
  • World seed displayed in pause menu; non-custom games generated with useable seeds
  • Adjusted decor values for metal materials and some objects made of metal
  • Fixed crash when moving the mouse near the edge of the world
  • Tweaks to oxygen visibility
  • Added "Filter" logic gate which holds a low signal, to compliment the Buffer
  • Improved Rock Granulator art
  • Improved art for the new wires
  • Automation circuits update more reliably
  • Improved Checkpoint art
  • Improved Liquid Shutoff art
  • Spelling fixes
  • Floor Switch should no longer miss dupes running past it

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