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[Game Update] - 234773

Release Date: 09/27/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Notifications of the same type in quick succession will now play quieter and a shorter more subtle sound
  • Notifications of the same type no longer produce sound when decreasing in count
  • Medicine consumption can now be controlled in the consumables screen
  • Fixed a crash that was happening on loading certain save files
  • Exosuit Dock will no longer charge a suit if it has no oxygen inside it's storage
  • Duplicants working at Fabricators(Microbe Musher, Exosuit Forge) should no longer cause a crash if the Duplicant is interrupted right as they were completing fabrication
  • Duplicants should no longer puke one last time after having food poisoning
  • Digging out a block of sand on the same frame it was about to fall should no longer spawn a bottle of the gas/liquid that replaced the sand
  • Exosuit Forge no longer requires a gas output
  • Duplicants using a suit on the suit required side of an arrow should no longer attempt to do jobs across a different suit arrow which does not have any suits available. This should prevent the "Suit Dance of Death"
  • Duplicants should now handle crossing suit arrows to perform jobs that require passing through substantial amounts of liquid
  • Vitamin Chews should no longer be able to be fabricated without Balm Lilies
  • Oil Well is now prioritizable
  • Duplicants should now remember to flush before leaving the Lavatory

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