[Game Update] - 377288

Release Date: 10/31/19

Update Information:


We’re now over a month into our release; thank you so much for all the feedback and bug reports. Today in addition to optimizations and fixes we’re releasing a challenging new curated community map “Parkour Island” and our Language Mod Uploader.

Starting with Parkour Island, all curated community maps now contain challenges and accessories so you can increase your rank and collect some new items. Also in this update we have some optimizations to the network and some long-awaited fixes. We’re hard at work on some new original content that we hope to bring to you soon.

With the Hot Lava Language Mod Uploader you can upload your own language translation to the Steam Workshop. Read more here.


Detailed Patch Notes - 377288

    • New Klei Curated Community map: Parkour Island
    • Klei Curated Community maps now contain challenges and accessories which increases max player rank
    • Art and lighting optimisations on all worlds
    • Fixed multiple lobster traps in all worlds
    • Fixed bug where head accessories would stay visible in first person
    • Fixed bug causing players to be unable to complete a challenge in chase the buddy Playground
    • Networked precision improvements
    • All Course Marathons are now included in Trials tallies
    • More fixes to black mat collision issues in Gym Class
    • Fixed collision in bouncy land tunnel that was allowing player to get thru ceiling in Playground
    • Fixed tiny gap in the wall of the furnace in Basement
    • Fixed offset collision on asphalt chunks inside little kids' basketball court of Playground
    • Fixed collision on plastic Playground floors to be straighter
    • Smoothed out grass near start of Chase the Big Kid in Playground
    • Adjusted collision on wooden stairs in Playground to prevent weird animations
    • Fixed missing collision in the unfinished section of the house in Basement
    • Fixed clipping through cliff wall in Basement cave section
    • Fixed checkpoint 11 in Bouncy Castle of Playground that would spawn you into the lava if you died
    • Fixed various visual holes through world in Basement
    • Fixed multiple Occlusion Culling issues in Basement
    • Fixed instant death trap near a minecart and piece of timber in Basement
    • Fixed Shadow Bias in Basement to prevent shadow flickering
    • Fixed one way only window collision in sister’s bedroom of evil house of Basement
    • Adjusted lighting in gym of School to reduce hot spot in center
    • Fixed lava in Playground that was raising along sidewalks so you could see under
    • Raised retaining wall in Playground around field so you can no longer see gap in lava
    • Fixed clipping issue when in Tiny Toy in School. You could clip into C-rock outside of the Social Studies class
    • Fixed janitor crashing through the ground in School
    • Fixed issues with venting inside cafe kitchen of Wholesale
    • Fixed gap in along retaining wall of field in Playground
    • Fixed out of world bug you could get if you ran along retaining wall at parking end of field in Playground
    • Fixed exploit in Basement where you could walk through the furnace
    • Fixed see-thru rocks in caves of Basement
    • Fixed Occlusion Culling issues in Basement
    • Fixed exclusion zones so there is no charring in non-lava areas in Wholesale
    • Fixed wall without collision near beginning of lava area in Basement
    • Updated Chase Through the Store gold challenge to 33 seconds
    • Fixed challenge not being awarded for Chase the Buddy in Playground
    • Fixed bug where secret challenges were appearing in tally of after course score screen
    • Fixed weird lava death when you jump on tv armoire in family room with bottomless pit of Basement
    • Fixed multiple walls without collision in Basement
    • Fixed see thru rock at the top of the house exterior in Basement
    • Fixed see-thru cliffs in Basement caves
    • Fixed game box crashing thru shelf in sister's bedroom of Basement
    • Fixed multiple crouch traps under waffle blocks in foyer of Basement
    • Fixed weird animations when walking on foyer stairs Basement’s lava world by adding more waffle blocks
    • Filled in gaps between walls and lava throughout the main house in Basement
    • Tightened up Out of bounds kill volumes in Playground
    • Fixed spot you can get stuck in laundry aisle of Wholesale
    • Fixed spot you can get stuck in flour aisle of Wholesale
    • Fixed pogo placement in courtyard of School. Was floating away from planter
    • Add LavaFact tip to bind 'Restart'
    • Minor fixes to Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and German translations
    • Localize headings on credits screen
    • Add some missing credits
    • Fixed exploit to get Buddy back into your hands at current location (run to FinishLine and enter/exit spectate)
    • Fixed watching a replay during the intro animation puts you in a weird camera position and resetting makes you unable to move or press ESC
    • Fixed mod maps and language screens failing to sort Klei content by name
    • Fixed splash screen English text when playing in nonenglish
    • Fixed English death reasons in The Blue Box
    • Fixed some items not grabbable in The Blue Box
    • Fixed sometime user can't walk over the threshold of course portals
    • Fixed missing 'ß' character in Master Class in German
    • Fixed name of Master Class to always be Master Class
    • Fixed Basement comic appears in collections before unlocking Basement
    • Fixed achievements jumps to middle of list on first view
    • Fixed award screen shows start button but ignores start button (gamepad)
    • Fixed mod maps using ShadowDrawDistanceOverride to retain quality-specific shadow distances for near shadow cascade and make ShadowDrawDistanceOverride only influence the far cascade
    • Minor UI art refinements
    • Fixed issue where multiple buddy challenges were appearing during Chase the Buddy courses
    • Spectator mode now displays course intros correctly


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