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[Game Update] - 281298

Release Date: 08/08/18

Update Information:


  • Added a buddy to help you feel less lonely
  • Added “placement” feature,  right click to gently place a held object down
  • Added throwing sound effects
  • Throws can now be made stronger by holding the throw button
  • Simple drop shadow added to players to help place landings
  • Fixed bad vent geometry in wholesale
  • Fixed bad concrete collision above the cafeteria in wholesale
  • You can now look down 10 degrees more
  • Updated death reasons for certain types of deaths
  • Add gamepad button mapping for SaveCheckpoint (press Y to set respawn location in Explore mode)
  • Fixed bad audio feedback when closing Trial screen with escape
  • Better logging for startup and network errors
  • Additional online slow down fixes
  • A paused timer now starts on throw
  • An additional checkpoint added to Repeat The Grade to make some pathing more clear
  • Added six new reward decals to collect
  • You can now grab and throw items in wind tunnels
  • Added throwing targeting reticle
  • Fixed uncapped backwards boosting
  • Added boosting UI to backwards boosting
  • Inverted backwards boosting controls to be more in-line with forwards boosting

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